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nutrients needed in small amounts such as vitamins and minerals
nutrients needed in high amounts, such as lipis, carbs and proteins.
science that studies food and how it nourishes the body and influences health
registered dietition
person who at least has a bachalors degree and has completed an exam for dietitions
epidemiologic study
involves assessing nutritional habits and disease trends in large groups
a substance that contains carbon
3 facts about nutrition
nutrition is a young science
a link btw nutrient defeciencies and illness and healthy diet reduces risk of chronic diseases
two goals of healthy people 2010
increase quality and years of healthy life and eliminate health disparities
5 characteristics of lipids
energy source during rest
9 kilocalories
top of food guide pyramid
composed of carb, hydrog, and oxygen (CHO)
consists of fats and oils
4 characteristics of carbs
4 kcalories
main energy nutrient
composed of chains of CHO
grains vegies and fruits
5 characteristics of protiens
contain nitrogen that forms amino acids
do not provide normal energy source
build new cells and tissues
repair damaged structures
meat and dairy
the organic nutrients are?
lipids, carbs, vitamins, protien
the inorganic nutrients are?
water and minerals
4 characteristics of water soluable vitamins
C&B, dissolve in water
absorbed directly into blood
must obtain some each day
defiency of them can cause disease
what are fat soluble vitamins?
absorbed with fats-go through liver
can cause build up