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DEFINE/LIST: disaccharides

(all of them contain ...?)
The formation of two monosaccharides.
(all of them contain glucose)
Sucrose, Lactose, Maltose
-made how?
-found where?
S: 2 sugar glucous & fructose
found in honey, sugarcane-processed to make different forms of sugars(brn,wht,pwd)
L: glucolse+ glalctose
milk products
M: results in the breakdown of starch to just 2 glucose molecules.
found in beer, liquor
3 groups of complex carbs
list one important nutritional fact for each
polysaccarides (starch)
-amylose long straigh chain of glucose units 20% of digestable starch in veggies
-amylopectin: highly branched
-cellulous: cant be digested.
What is Glycogen?
Where is it stored?
How can each store be used by the body?
Carbohydrate made of multiple units of glucose with a highly branched structure.
AKA: animal starch
storage form of glucose
-stored in the liver and muscles
- can maintain blood glucose avalibility when diet does not supply enough carbs.
Dietary Fiber
Fiber found in foods
Soluable Fibers

(identify the sources and functions of them )
fibers that can dissolve of swell when put in water
-from plant cells
- pectins, gums, mucilages, some forms of hemicelluloses
- found in salad dressings, frozen desserts, jas.
Insoluable Fibers

(identify the sources and functions of them )
Fibers that readily dissolve in water not are easily meabolized by intestinal bacteria

- cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin
- whole grains
Identify that various sugar substitutes or alternatives sweeteners and sugar alchols.
Acesulfame K:
oldest sweetener 1/2 the alt sweetener market in N America
Equal(powder) 4kcal/gram 200x sweeter then sucrose
nonnutrative, high-intensity sweetener7,000-13,00x sweeter then table sugar
Acesulfame K:
200x sweeterthan sucrose, no cal diets
can be used well baking cause it doesnt lose it sweetness with heat.
600 times sweeter than sucrose
can be used in cooking
3 functions of simple carbohyrates
1. basic uni of all sugar structures
2. Energy