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Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA)
"Generous recommendations well founded by research"
Adequate Intakes (AI)
"Generous recommendations not as conclusively proven by research"
Tolerable Upper Limits (UL)
"Upper limit that should not be ingested"
Estimated Average Requirements (EAR)
"Minimum need that covers only 50% of the population"
What are the goals of the DRI commitee?
"1. Setting recommended intake values- RDA and EAR
2. Facilitating nutrition research and policy- EAR
3. Establishing safety guildlines- UL"
Name 3 facts about the DRI intake recommendations.
"The values reflect daily intakes to be achieved, on average, over time.
The recommendations only apply to healthy people.
Designed for health maintenance and disease prevention"
What is "daily value"?
It is "the daily goal or standard for specific nutrients/substances."
What is the "daily value" based on?
It is based on the 2,000 calorie, female, diet.
What amount is considered low in the nutrient?
5% of less DV of the nutrient.
What is considered "good" in the nutrient?
10-19% DV of the nutrient.
What is considered "high" in the nutrient?
20% or above DV of the nutrient.
What is "low fat"?
3 grams of fat or less.
What is "low sodium"?
140 milligrams of less.
What is considered "high fiber"?
5 grams of fiber or more.
What effects do phytochemicals have on the body?
"1. They act as antioxidants.
2. Mimick hormones
3. Alter blood constituents that protect against some diseases."