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What are artificial sweetners?
They are expensive
They help you to control your carbs
Dangerous because sometimes sugarfree foods are high in fat
What are the health consequences of diabetes? (3)
Pentinopathy- "blindness"
Angiopathy- "heart disease"
Nephropathy- "kidney disease"
What is type 2 diabetes commonly caused by?
What are the functions of carbs in foods?
-Adds flavor
-Adds browning
-Adds texture
-Its a preservative
-Used in fermentation
What are the functions of carbs in the body?
It is a short term energy source
Provides fiber
Provides a protein sparring effect
Eneables glycogen synthesis
It is a component of vital gene material
What are some fancy names for fiber? (List both soluble and insoluble)
Soluble- Pectin, Gums, and Mocilages
Insoluble- Celluose, Hemicelluose, and Lignin
What is insoluble fiber? (Food sources and health benefits)
Food sources- veggies, and whole grains
Benefits- it decreases the risk of colon cancer, it normalizes constepation, and it controls hunger
What is soluble fiber? (Food sources and benefits)
Food sources- fruits, oats, and legumes
Benefits- it controls blood sugar, it lowers blood cholesterol, it normalizes diarhea, and it controls hunger
What is Dietary fiber?
It is the undigested portion of fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and whole grains
What is the recommendation for fiber each day? (male and female)
25-35 g
Male- 35
Female- 25
What are the label guidelines for carbs?
Limit sugar
Choose high fiber (5 grams of more)
Look for whole grains
Less health carbs-
Simple and Complex
Simple- candy, cake, and cookies
Complex- white bread, crackers, and white pasta
Healthy carbs-
Simple and Complex
Simple- fruit, non starchy veggie, milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese
Complex- whole grain bread/cereal, and legumes
What is fiber?
Whole grains
Fresh fruit/veggies
What is starch?
Pasta, rice, and bread
Starchy veggies
What are the food sources for maltose?
What are the food sources for sucrose?
Sugar Cereal
Sugar Drinks
What are the food sources for lactose?
Milk and milk products
What are complex carbs?
3000 + units of sugar
Polysaccharide: starch, dextrin, fiber, and glycogen
What are disaccharides? (3)
Sucrose= glucose and fructose
Lactose= g;ucose and galactose
Maltose= glucose and glucose
What are simple carbs? (2)
Monosaccharide- Glucose, Galactose, and Fructose
Disaccharide- Sucrose, Lactose, and Maltose
What are the chemical elements of carbs?
What is the energy value for carb?
What is the AMDR for carbs?