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What age group of females is most susceptable to anorexia and bulimia?
A physical sign of anorexia is being ___% or more below body weight that is expected.
3 components of female athlete triad
1) disordered eating
2) amenorrhea (3 months w/out period
3) osteoporosis
An obese woman who is pregnant should gain no more than ___ pounds.
hormones involved in lactation
estrogen and progesterone
micronutrients of breast milk
1) calcium
2) magnesium
3) low in iron
main protein in breast milk
carb. in breast milk
fats in breast milk
1) DHA
2) ARA
What age do infants begin to need solid food?
calculate EER of toddler
kcal/day = (89 x weight (kg) - 100) + 20
Food organism associated w/ cuts, pimples, noses, and throats?
The majority of food borne illnesses in the US are associated with what organism?
Campylobacter jejuni
symptoms of Giardia infection
1) diarrhea
2) loose stools
3) stomach cramps
4) upset stomach
*some show no symptoms
symptoms of Clostridium botulinum
1) dry mouth
2) double vision
3) difficulty speaking & swallowing
4) difficulty breathing
5) diarrhea
6) fatigue
7) headache
8) muscle paralysis (droopy eyelids)
9) nausea
10) vomiting
symptoms of BSE
symptoms of staphylococcuss aureus
1) cramps
2) diarrhea
3) vomiting
symptoms of hepatitis A
liver damage
foods associatd with food spoilage from salmonella
1) undercooked eggs, meat, poultry
2) raw milk and dairy products
3) seafood
4) fruits and vegetables
foods associated with food spoilage from e. coli
1) contaminated water
2) raw milk
3) rare ground beef, sausage
4) unpasteurized apple juice
5) uncooked fruits and vegetables
foods associated with food spoilage from staphyloccus
1) custard of cream filled baked goods
2) ham
3) poultry
4) dressing
5) gravy
6) eggs
7) mayo
8) cream sauces
incidence of anorexea and bulimia in the American Society
anorexia- 0.5-1%
bulimia- 1-4%
food infections vs. food intoxications
Food infections result from the consumption of food containing living microbes, whereas food intoxications result from consuming food in which microbes have secreted poisonous substances called toxins.