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Amount of energy required to carry on involuntary activities of the body at rest is?
basal metabolism
what causes a higher Basal metabolic rate? (7)
males, growth, infection, fever, stress, hyperthyroidism, epinephrine
Causes for Lower basal metabolic rate are.
aging, fasting, sleep, hypothryoidism
Convert to glucose and excess go into triglycerides in fat
SOme complex carbs are: (6)
bread pasta cereal rice friuts veggies
has all essential amino acids for growth (meat, dairy, eggs)
complete protein
deficient in 1 or more essential amino acids (grain, legumes, veggies)
incomplete proteins
2 incomplete protiens combined to make a complete protien ( rice and beens, lentil and rice)
combination protein
Metabolism of protein is?
Forms body structures, hemoglovin, antibodies?
Regulates fluid balance through oncotic or colloid osmotic pressure with albumin?
Detoxifies harmful substances
Transports fats through blood
Provides energy when carb intake is inadequate
What comes from animal, solid at room temp.
saturated fat
Comes from vegtables and is liquid at room temp....
Unsaturated fat
patially hydrogenated and is more solid at room temp.. margarine
an acid that is essential to the body but can not be produced by the body
linoleic oil
provides energy at 9 cal/gram
membrane in brain and nerve cells
synthesis of bile acids and precursor of steroids and vit d
insulates body, cushions organs
causes absorption of Vit adek
helps delay gastric emptying time so satiety is increased
high fat diets lead to what diseases?
heart disease, colon and breast cancers
Vitamins that are stored in the liver and fat are
adek.. fat soluble
what vit leads to mormal development of bones teeth skin, prevents night blindness?
Maintains Ca+ and Phosphorus balance. Is in fish egg youlks, and fortified milk
Vit D
Vit that prevents cardio disease and is an antioxidant. found in veg oils, whole grains
Necessary for synthesis of prothrombin and factors Vii iX, X
Vit K
Vit formed by bacteria in gut and biliary disease
Vit K
Found in Green leafy veggies
Vit K
Found in citrus broccoli potatoes peppers and strawbwrries
Vit C
Collagen formation and stability of vessels and enhances iron absorption
Vit C
Collagen formation
Vit C
is a coenzyme in energy metabolism and rol in nerve functioning
found in whole grain cereals, meats, lugumes, green veggies
absorption of thiamine is inhibited by
Releses energy from nutrients ex.. dairy meats green leafy veggies
coensyme that lowers cholesterol. found in meats whole grains dairy
forms bone and teeth, blood clotting br regulation muscle contraction
forms bons teeth, functions in energy transfer and buffers. In protein
found in bones, assists enzyme actions regulates nerve and muscle function including actions of heart role in clotting
found in green leafy veggies, whole grains,legumes, broccoli, hard water
forms hemoglobin to carry oxygen
Found in liver lean meats whole grains and dried bean
5 minerals
ca, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc
what mineral is associated with growth, healing, immune system, and assist insulin function
basic food in diet is
grain and ceral group
found in green leafy veggies, whole grains,legumes, broccoli, hard water
moderation of foods should be
high fat and sugar
check lables of food products for
nutrients, sodium level, and rda met?
3-7 day calorie count- list all intake
dietary recall
history, drug history, ability to chew and swallow, allergies
Medical data
food budget, culture, religious ethnic lifestyles
socioeconomic data
Weight, ht, triceps skin fold, mid arm
low Blood urea nitrogen that is low is due to what?
inadequate protein intake
a low creatinine can show what?
muscle wasting
hemo golbin and rbc count asses what status?
adema is shown when albumin is less then what?
lymphocytes lower then 1500 show what
low protein intake
a diet of broth tea jello apple juice is?
Clear liquid diet
liquid at body temp. ice cream custard pudding milk eggs
full liquid diet
diet for chewing or swallowing difficulties
mechanical soft
a diet of ground beef, baked, broiled or boild foods with no seeds
mechanical soft
no fried, no raw, no highly seasoned foods with this diet
mechanincal soft
eliminates foods hard to digest and to chew including elimination of fiber, high fat, hi seasoned
diet that consists of whip cream or mashed potatoes
controls fats, sugars and is balanced for diabetics
reduces fiber and cellulose with no raw fruits and veggies, whole grain nuts seeds
low residue
a muslim excludes this from the diet
alcohol and intoxicants, caffeine, birds of prey, bolld gelatin is questionable
separate meat and dairy, no pork no seafood or fish withoud scales and fins
jewish (kosher)
what diet has low incidence of cancer and heart disease
mediterranean diet.. greek italian
what ethnic diet is associated witht he heating and cooling effect
rice soy curd veggies cabbage and tea
what food relieves nausea and it alters clotting factors
what food improve immunity and helps control blood pressure
short term gi feeding with what kind of tube
ng or ni tube
long term external nutrition with a
when doing enternal feeding,
keeep b ed elavated 30 degrees flush tube with wter
assess bowel sound
check residual in stomacbhn