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Identify the FDA's primary concern about our food supply
microbian foodborne illness
Which is NOT a reason for increase in foodborne illness in the last 2 decades?
farmers markets
Something about favoring microbial growth in food
A and C (ph and temperature)
Which food would pose the least risk for foodborne illness?
1st thing to look at when eating out
Which bacteria causes infections?
True or false: Time & temp. are responsible for foodborne illness outbreaks
Virus associated with foodborne illness
Hepatitis A
Fish neurotoxin
True or false: Fresh fruits contain something about carcinogenic...
Bovine growth hormones
are digested, have no effect on us
Which type of food processing retains the most nutrients?
Which is true about engineered crops?
may contain nutrients
may contain allergens
B and C
What would happen to a woman poorly nourished before pregnancy?
poor placental development
True or false: Poor nutrition can pass from mom to baby
Critical period question
1st trimester
rapid development
A and B
Low birth weight (LBW) increases the risk for
all of the above
Who is at most risk for delivering low birth rate babies?
young teens
What is the primary cause of low birth weight babies?
poor nutrition
Which intake requirement goes up the least during pregnancy?
Energy (+ 300 kcals)
__ and __ are the most important maternal... something about red blood cell synthesis
iron & folate
B12 & folate
A and C
True or false: A craving for ice cream indicates calcium deficiency
Pregnant women should avoid these to protect against foodborne bacteria
lunchmeat and milk
B and C
Which does not happen during pregnancy?
increased blood pressure
Needs for pregnant teens under the age of 16
all of the above
Weight gain and BMI during pregnancy: A BMI of over 30
gain 15 lbs.
A BMI of over 30 during pregnancy increases the risk for
gestational diabetes
The # 1 cause of preventable birth defects
Nutrients and breastfeeding: all EXCEPT
something about iron
Nutritional deprivation on milk production:
decreases quantity of milk ONLY
When is breastfeeding not recommended
with tuberculosis
Which is not a factor that says an infant is ready to eat solid foods?
being able to hold a spoon
Food that CAN be given to an infant under 10 months old
pureed table foods
Effects of undernutrition on children
all of the above
True or false: infants under 1 year old need more nutrients per kg than older teens
How should childhood obesity be treated
physical activity
Which nutrient is most often deficient in children
True or false: The age pattern of children is predictable
Carotenoid vegetables prevent
Decreased food intake in people over 60 years
all of the above
Most important factor in healthy aging
physical activity
Physiological changes that affect the nutrition of old people
A and B
NOT saliva
True or false: Old people are more likely to abuse alcohol.
Type of research that studies populations...
epidemiologic studies
Primary organ of digestion and absorption
small intestine
The __ delivers nutrient-rich blood from the intestinal capillary bed to the __
portal vein, liver
An essential nutrient
is needed to maintain life but is not produced in the body so must be consumed in food AND has specific biological functions in the body
Homeostasis is maintained by which 2 systems?
endocrine and nervous
the pancreas functions in the __ and __ systems
digestive and endocrine
2 main types of carbohydrates
sugars and polysaccharides
primary function of carbohydrates
form of instant energy for the cells
__ compose 95% of the fat in foods and in the body
health effects of consuming trans-fatty acids
increased LDL levels
decreased HDL levels
the sequence of amino acids in a protein
determine shape, is determined by genes, determine function of the protein
when dietary protein lacks 1 or more essential amino acids for a long time
body proteins cannot be made
body protein is catabolized to provide the essential amino acids
__ is conditionally essential
Vitamin D
group of people MOST at risk for vitamin deficiencies
men tolerate more alcohol than women because
more alcohol is detoxified before it reaches their bloodstream
functions of water in the body
temp regulation, shock absorption, metabolic reactions
risk factors for osteoporosis include all BUT
being of African descent
Iron functions in
energy production, hemoglobin synthesis, oxygen transport
Which fuel is most likely to be stored as fat?
fat and alcohol
Which does not occur as a result of a low calorie diet?
decrease in the activity of LPL
__ uses the most fat as fuel
moderate aerobic activity
which is the most important nutrient for aerobic athletic performance?
anorexia nervosa and bulimia are classified as
nutritional, psychological, and medical disorders
which is true regarding infectious and degenerative diseases?
deficiencies and excesses of nutrients are implicated in the development of both infectious and degenerative diseases
which has a positive association with the risk of developing cancer?
increased body fat