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Which is false about fat soluble vitamin absorption?
Less likely to be toxic, so you should take megadoses
Plant precursors for vitamin A are found in
B & C, carrots & tomatoes
Extra vitamin __ for relief of oxidative stress
vitamin E
Cumadin inhibits vitamin __
vitamin K
Excessive amounts of vitamin A causes
liver damage
Calcification of soft tissues is from toxicity of vitamin __
vitamin D
Which fat-soluble vitamin is conditionally essential
vitamin D
Which fat-soluble vitamins have the most potential for toxicity
vitamins D & A
Which vitamin is a prohormone, hormone as well as a vitamin
vitamin D
Analogs of __ are used to treat acne...
vitamin A
What vitamin maintains calcium homeostasis
vitamin D
How does vitamin D maintain calcium homeostasis
all of the above
Which vitamins are necessary for energy release from macronutrients?
thiamin, niacin, & riboflavin
Who are most at risk for vitamin deficiencies
Which vitamin is used for high blood cholesterol treatment
Vitamin B is conditionally essential because of what other vitamin
What is the precursor for niacin
What is the potentially toxic water soluble vitamin?
vitamin B6
Which vitamin is necessary for the conversion of tryptophan to niacin?
vitamin B6
Vitamin __ needs to be attached to a protein carrier to be absorbed
vitamin B12
Which vitamin is responsible for collagen synthesis and is an antioxidant
vitamin C
Less sun exposure (dark skin, etc) causes what
vitamin D deficiency
What are the only reliable sources of vitamin B12
animal sources
Men tolerate more alcohol because
B, more alcohol detoxifies before hitting the bloodstream
Where does alcohol detoxification occur?
in the stomach with dehydro... NOT with HCI
If you can tolerate more alcohol with less affects
B, you're more likely to become alcohol dependent
Excessive alcohol intake does NOT increase the risk for
Which 2 compartments contain body water
intracellular & extracellular
Which is an example of potential space
Functions of water in the body
all of the above
Which minerals function as electrolytes
all the major minerals
Major minerals function in which process
fluid & acid base balance
Calcium functions
all of the above
Chloride is
a component of stomach acid
calcium & phosphorus
Excess losses of this mineral cause cardiac arrythmia
This is NOT a risk factor for osteoporosis
African American race
What inhibits mineral absorption
Iron functions
all of the above
Deficiency of __ causes growth retardation and affects sexual maturation
__ is necessary for thyroid hormone synthesis
Iron from animal source
Iron from plant source
Selenium is an
Substitution of ___ for hydrox. helps tooth enamel
Vitamin A precursor
beta carotene
Niacin precursor
Which 2 vitamins are antioxidants
vitamins C & E
Which vitamin increases iron absorption
vitamin C
__ can be made in the body from __
niacin, tryptophan