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What health concern is there regarding trans fatty acids, as discussed in class?
incr risk of heart disease by increasing LDL-cholesterol when consumed
rank the following from highest to lowest saturated fat content:

Coconut oil
Canola oil
Pork lard
Fish oil
Rank the following from highest to lowest cholesterol content:

cottage cheese
What does trans refer to in reference to fatty acids?
the 3D structure involvng the dbl bond in a fatty acid
Which of the following is most likely to cause blockage in arteries when consumed?

lauric acid
palmitic acid
stearic acid
linoleic acid
lauric acid
If someone is consuming 1,500 cal/day, what is the max. grams of total fat they could consume and meet Healthy Heart recommendatns?

(30% of cals from fat)
Which of the follwg fatty acids is most likely to reduce serum cholesterol levels?

linoleic acid
palmitic acid
stearic acid
lauric acid
linoleic acid
A serving size of cooked grain, such as rice, is:
1/2 c.
Which of the follwg is most likely to incr. LDL-cholesterol levels?

peanut butter, all natural
Grapeseed oil is more commonly referred to as:
canola oil
What is the minimum # of veggies recommended by the FGP?
What did we say is the connxn bet. sucrose intake and obesity?
we like the taste of sweet fat, so many foods high in sucrose are also high fat and high calorie
Maltodextrose is composed of what monosaccharide units?
A Type I diabetic would be:
unable to produce sufficient insulin.
Which is not an example of a simple sugar?

What should a diabetic choose

Food A, GI of 80
Food B, GI of 50
Food C, GI of 20
Food C as long as it's not high in fat
If you found galactose in a sample taken from a patient's portal blood, you would conclude that they had recently consumed:

a candy bar
a pc. of bread
soda pop
If a person were not able to produce glucagon b/c of a genetic deficit, predict an outcome for him/her. They would:

a. be a fasting hypoglycemic
b. be a fasting hyperglycemic
c. be a diabetic
d. be unable to consume carbohydrate
a. be a fasting hypoglycemic
The primary reason we recommend complex carbs over simple sugars is:

a. starch consumptn does not cause tooth decay
b. high starch foods almost always have a high nutrient density
c. starch doesn't provide as many cals as sucrose does
d. starch is more slowly digested than sucrose, so provides cals for a longer period of time
b. high starch foods almost always have a high nutrient density
give the formula for ND (nutrient density)
% RDA of nutrient/% daily cals
What is the relationship bet. sucrose and hyperactivity?
there is no valid scientific evidence of a cause-effect relationship between sucrose and hyperactivity
Which of the following is the highest in monounsaturated fat?

a. butter
b. coconut oil
c. olive oil
d. corn oil
c. olive oil
Which of the following statements is most correct?

a. a diabetic will best ctrl blood glucose levels by consuming complex carbs since they cause minimal chgs in blood glucose levels.
b. a diabetic should avoid carbs to ctrl blood glucose levels
c. a reactive hypoglycemic must severely limit overall carb intake
d. a reactive hypoglycemic will best ctrl blood glucose lvls by consuming smaller amts. of carbohydrate at more frequent intervals
d. a reactive hypoglycemic will best ctrl blood glucose lvls by consuming smaller amts. of CHO at more frequent intervals
Blood glucose in the normal, healthy body

a. is replenished during fasting when liver glycogen is hydrolyzed to glucose that then enters the bloodstream
b. is not regulated but fluctuates according to intake
c. is reduced by the secretion of glucagon following a meal
d. decreases when meals consuming starch are consumed
a. is replenished during fasting when liver glycogen is hydrolyzed to glucose that then enters the bloodstream
If something is advertised as 96% fat free, is it 4% fat by weight, volume, or cals?
by weight
It is recommended that we consume no more than ____mg cholesterol/day.
Which of the follwg is true of breast milk?

a. low in cholesterol and saturated fat
b. much higher in cholesterol than infant formulas
c. likely to incr. risk of heart disease later in life
d. not recommended for infants with high serum cholesterol levels
b. it is much higher in cholesterol than infant formulas
Which of the follwg did we decide would be an appropriate chg. to the FGP?
have a separate category for monounsaturated fat, so it can be recommended that we consume more
The Amer. Heart Assn. recently added a recommendation for fish intake each week. How many x/wk. is it recommended that we consume fish?
one (or 2, from book)
We are recommended to consume fish to ___?
incr. the intake of omega-3 FA's
What did we conclude about saccharine?
It is safe when consumed at typical levels.
How can we det. the trans FA content of a food by reading the label?
trans FA content can't be det. from he food label, only if it is present

(or, it's listed on the label, but referred to as hydrogenated fat, not trans fat)
Which of the following would be a correct recommendation for your instructor, the marathon runner?

Consume low GI foods...

a) after running a two-hr. training run
b) during the marathon
c) after the marathon
d) , if anything, prior to running the marathon.
d) consume low GI foods, if anything, prior to running the marathon.
Is 15% of cals from saturated fat in line with Healthy Heart guidelines?
no, it doesn't meet the guideline...too high
Flax seed is a good source of:

a) linolenic acid
b) linoleic acid
c) oleic acid
d) stearic acid
a) linoLENic acid
Lactose is:

a) a simple sugar
b) a complex sugar
a simple sugar
Which of the following foods would be a valuable recommendatn to s.o. w/hypercholesterolemia to help them reduce cholesterol levels? Consume

a) more fruit like apples
b) more whole grain foods such as whole wheat bread
c) more cornflakes
d) more rice, especially brown or wild rice, which has retained the hull
a. more fruit like apples---soluble fiber
Match the FA w/its most likely food source:

Myristic acid
Eicosapentanoic acid
Oleic acid
Linoleic acid

a. Peanut oil
b. Soybean oil
c. T-bone steak
d. Swiss cheese
e. Salmon
Myristic acid--swisstic cheese

Eicosapentanoic acid--salmontenoic salmon

Oleic acid---Ole-ic peanut oil

Linoleic acid--Land o' Leis soybean oil
Give the 1y reason why omega-3 FA consumption reduces risk of heart disease.
consuming omega-3 FAs reduces blood clotting
We listed three compounds that are soluble fibers found in our diet and discussed some foods that were rich in that type of fiber. Give me ONE compound that is a soluble fiber and ONE food source for that fiber.
Soluble fiber: pectin

Food source: jelly
We discussed two health benefits that would be true for both soluble and insoluble fiber. Give me one of them.
They help with constipation.
The consumptn of monounsaturated fats affects blood cholesterol levels. Describe the effect (incr, decr, no chg) monounsaturated fats have on LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.
Effect on LDL cholesterol: decrease

Effect on HDL cholesterol: no change
An Equal packet contains 1g of a combination of dextrose and maltodextrose as its only calorie source. How many cals would one packet of Equal contain?
Which of the following did we decide would be the most meaningful additn to the existing healthy heart guidelines?

a) incr. the intake of polyunsaturated fat
b) eliminate the recommendatn to limit cholesterol intake
c) reduce the intake of trans fatty acids
d) reduce meat consumption, especially beef
c) reduce the intake of trans FA's
What did we decide regarding the % daily value fo fat on a food label?

a) it tells us if that food meets Healthy Heart guidelines
b) it is based on the Healthy Heart recommendations and a 2000 calorie intake
c) it tells us what % of cals are coming from fat
d) it tells us what % fat by weight the food is
B) it is based on the Healthy Heart recommendations and a 2000 calorie intake
Starch is a complex carb. If you consumed pure corn starch, what did we conclude?
Pure corn starch is a low nutrient dense item, just like sucrose, and would be no more valuable in the diet than sucrose b/c of this.
Which of the follwg is a high GI food based on the characteristics given in class?

a) spaghetti
b) apple
c) ice cream
d) peanut butter
a) spaghetti
When should a low GI food be consumed by an athlete?

a. one hour prior to competition
b. during competition
c. during a workout
d. one hour after competition
a. one hour prior to competition
How does the cholesterol content of Eggland's Best eggs compare to that of other eggs?
they contain the same cholesterol levels as normal eggs
What is the dietary reference intake (DRI) for a nutrient?

a) this is the value used to calculate the daily value for fat and saturated fat on food labels
b) this is the value used to calculate the daily value for CHO on food labels
c) this is a general term for dietary recommendations, of which there are two types, either RDA or AI
d) this is a new term that has replaced RDA as our dietary recommendation
C) this is a general term for dietary recommentdations, of which thre are two types, either RDA or AI
What is the difference between an adequate intake (AI) and a recommended daily allowance (RDA)?
There is more data available when determining an RDA
Which component of the food industry has not removed tropical oils from their production?

a) Crackers
b) Candy bars
c) Corn chips
d) Non-dairy creamers
b) Candy bars
Which of the following fiber sources, isolated from seaweed, is often found in ice cream and other processed foods?

a. carrageenan
b. pectin
c. gums
d. cellulose
a. carrageenan
Which of the following is a good source of soluble fiber?

a. Wheat bran
b. Rice bran
c. Corn bran
d. Oat bran
d. Oat bran
Chemically, olestra is:

a. Sucrose polyester
b. Triglyceride
c. Saccharine diglyceride
d. Aspartame
a. Sucrose polyester
Your instructor's opinion of olestra is ___?
It can cause diarrhea if over consumed, but warnings were recently removed from packaging.
Who should one seek out for nutritional information?

a. Physicians
b. Registered Dietitians
c. Health food store owners/staff
d. Certified Nutritionists
b. Registered Dietitians
White bread is a high GI food. If you were to put butter on the bread before eating it, what did we say would happdn to blood glucose levels compared to eating white bread alone?
b) the butter stimulates the release of enzymes important to digestion, thus buttered bread would have a greater effect on blood glucose than bread alone
What did we conclude regarding a "sugar high"?
c) eating sugar has no influence on mood or behavior, there is no sugar high
Regarding breast milk, what did we conclude?
a) It is the perfect food for newborns, the need eat nothing else for several months
Which of the following grps from the FGP are Americans currently doing the poorest job of meeting minimum recommendations?

a. Fruit
b. Grains, cereals
c. Dairy
d. Meats
a. Fruit
fructose is the ______ carbohydrate
sucrose is the CHO most likely ___________.
to cause tooth decay
cellulose is the _________ carbohydrate ________.
most abundant in the ecosystem
glycogen is ________
most likely found in the liver
if you were living off the land in norman, oklahoma, how much sucrose per day would u be eating?
almost none, since it's most commonly found in processed foods
How would you best summarize our discussion of the debate of using margarine vs. butter?
b. there is evidence margarine is better for some reasons and worse for other reasons
Consumption of lactose would most likely result in
b. somewhat increased insulin levels