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Grand theories
abstract; connect/relate the 4 aspects of the metaparadigm of nursing; immeasurable; can't be used to guide research/practice
Middle-range theories
specific; connect and provide directions for concepts; meaurable; can be used to guide research and practice
Metaparadigm of Nursing
health, envitonment, nurse, person
Brenner & Wrubel (1989)
theory focuses on the client's need for caring as a means of coping w/ the stressors of illness
Orem (1971)
theory focuses on caring and helping clients to attain total self care
King (1971)-2
1)theory focuses on the use of communication to help clients reestablish positive adaptation to the environment

2)theory supports that the nursing process is defined as dynamic interpersonal process between nurse, client, and health systems
Watson (1979)
theory focuses on promoting health, restoring the client to health, and preventing illness
Roy (1979)-2
1)theory focuses on identifying types of demands placed on the client, assessing adaptation to demands, and helping clients adapt

2)adaptation model is based on physiological, psychological, and sociological adaptive roles
Neuman (1972)-2
1)theory focuses on assisting individuals, families, and groups in attaining and maintaining maximal level of total wellness by purposeful interventions

2)theory focuses on stress reduction as a goal
Nightingale (1860)-2
1)theory focuses on the body's reparative process by manipulating the client's environment

2)theory focuses on the manipulation of noise, nutrition, hygeine, light, comfort socialization and hope
Leininger (1978)-2
1)theory focuses on providing care consistent w/ nursing's emerging science and knowledge w/ caring as a central focus

2)theory is transcultural and works as a unifying domain for nursing knowledge and practice
Henderson (1955)-2
1)theory focuses on the need ot work independently with other health care workers assisting the client to gain independence as quickly as possible

2)theory focuses on nurses helping w/ the 14 most basic needs
Peplau (1952)
theory focuses on developing interaction between nurse and client
Rogers (1970)
theory's goal is to help people develop into unitary human beings
Abdellah (1960)
theory involves 21 nursing problems