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What is the most common form of arthritis, it is a chronic condition cause by deterioration of joint cartillage?
If usually effects weight bearing joints such as teh kness, hips, feet, and lumbar vertebrae; also known as degerative joint disease.
_______ type of osteoarthritis is idiopathic
Unknown cause
Degeneration of articular cartilage
_____ osteoarthritis is due to trauma (dislocation/fractures)
Mechanical stress (sports activity)
Joint instability(damagede supportive structures).
Osteoarthritis can occur due to neurological disorder
-pain/loss of reflexes
for example, _____ neuropathy
Osteoarthritis can also be caused from Hematological such as hemarthosis (bleed into the joint).
What is Crepitus?
Grating, bone against bone
Herberden's nodules are bony overgrowths, redness, swelling, aching, starts in one finger and spreads to the others causing a disfigurement of the hands.
Can be diagnosed by a slightly elevated sedimentation rate (ESR)
synovial fluid inflammation

Synovial fluid analysis- OA patient fluid is clear yellow with no signs of inflammation
Drug management for OA
1st line
Acetaminophen- tylenol not to exceed 4 g in 24 hours (can cause liver damage) and should be given with meals

Topical agents-_______-preparation with cayenne pepper (causes heat on the joint).

2nd line
NSAIDs- motrin (GI irritation; blood in stool<guiac, hemoccult>; must watch for edema, hypertension, renal damage and CHF, causes increase in sodium levels
What two newer drugs have less GI problems when dealing with OA?
Celebrex, Miobic, and Vextra
Intrarticular injections for OA
Steroid to cause inflammation between bones

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)- inflammation and short term lubricant
Health promotion for OA
lose or maintain weight; use assistive devices; avoid forceful repetitive movements; avoid positions of joint deviation and stress; use good posture; body mechanics; seek assistance with necessary task that may cause pain; develop organizing and pacing techniques for routine task (space out); and modify home and work environment to create less stressful ways to perform tasks (such as oven in the wall)
Pain management
-local rest-immobilizing the joint with a slint or brace

-systemic rest- resting the entire body (sleep appros. 10 hours per night, additional 1-2 hours of additional rest)

-Psychologic rest- relief from daily stress (hobbies; knitting, reading, movies)
What should you not put a large pillow under the knees or head when dealing with pain management with OA?
because it can cause contractures
_______ well being is a feeling of being "generally alive, purposeful, and fulfilled. A lifestyle that views and lives life as purposeful and pleasurable. Seeks out life-sustaining and life-enriching option to be chosen freely at every opportunity. Affirmation of life, peace, harmony. Connecting with God, Self, community and environment that achieves wholeness.
Spiritual aspects
meaning- having purpose, making sense of life
value- having cherished beliefs and standards
______- appreciating a dimension that is beyond the self
Connecting-relating to others, nature, Ultimate Other
Becoming-involves reflection, allowing, life to unfold and knowing who one is.
What type of religion believes God's reality is unknown and unknowable?
What is the belief in the existence of one God?
What is the belier in more than one God?
What is the capacity to reach out beyond oneself, to extend oneself beyond personal concerns and to take a broader life perspectives, activities, and purposes?
What religion does not believe in receiving blood or blood products?
Jehovah Witness's
What two groups are legally exempt from immunizations?
Amish and Christian
Nine characteristics of spiritual distress
1. one who is lonely and has few, if any visitors.
2. one who expresses some apprehensions and fears.
3. one whose illness may have some connection with his or her emotions or religious attitudes.
4. one who is facing surgery.
5. one whose surgery or illness forces him or her to change his or her way of living.
6. One who seems to be doing more than the average amount of thinking about the relationship of his or her religion to their health
7. One whose pastor is unable to call upon them or who has no church affiliation, thus receving no pastoral care.
8. One whose illness has obvious social implications
9. one whose illness is terminal
What is the term used for a day set aside for special religious observation?
holy day
What is teh act of focusing one's thoughts or engagin self-reflection or contemplation; they believe this may help control physical and psychological function and the course of illness?
Who must you talk to when concerning diet and nutrition with your patient's ?
the dietician
What religion must where amulets at all times?
_____ child at birth has someone recite the call to prayer in the child's ear. One the seventh day the child is named and a tuft of hair is shaved from the head.
What religion has baptism and christening ceremonies to confirm the infant was born into a christian family as a part of the organism and of church- Infants that are critically may request baptism and may be performed by the nurse or physician.
What religion has circumcision done on the male children on the 8th day after birth then the child is named. Girls are named in the synagogue on the Sabbath after birth?
What religion must have the body or head the dead turned toward the east the Mecca?
What two religion require a ritual bath by a family member?
muslins and jewish