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discuss anatomic and physiologic components of the sensory perception process
involves 2 components reception and perceptionreception=process of receiving stimuli or data
they ae either external or internal to the body
sensory perception=involves the consious organization and translation of the data or stimuli into meainingful information
what are external stimuli
visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and gustatory
what are internal stimuli
gustatiry can be internal also, othr types are kinestheitic or visceral
kinestetic=refers to the awareness of the position and movement of body parts ie a person that is walking is aware that of which leg is forward
what is stereognosis
the ability to percieve and understand and object through touch by its size, shape and texture
For an individual to to be aware of his surroundings four aspects of the sensory proces must be present
impulse conduction=
what is sensory deprivation and some symptoms
a decrease in or lack of meaninful stimuli
8decreased attentin span
*imparied memory
*periodic disorientation
*crying, depression over small matters
*apathy, emotional lability
What is RAS
for the person to receive and interpret stimuli the brain mut be alert, the Reticular Activating System in the brain stem is thought to mediate the arousal mechanism
What are the 2 componets of RAS
1. REA=Reticular Excitatory Area and RIA=Reticular Inhibitory Area the Rea is responsible for stimulus arousal and awareness
What is sensoritasis
term used to describe when a person is in optimal arousal
What is sensory overload and signs.
generally occurs when people is unable to process or mange the amount or intesisty of sensory stimuli
complaints of fatigue
irritability, anxiety, restlessness
periodic or general disorientation
increasedmuscle tension
scattered attention and racing thoughts
What factors contribute to sensory overlaod
1 pain, dyspnea, anxiety
2 noisy helath care setting, intrusive diagnositc studies, contacts with strangers
3 inablikty to disregard stimuli selectively, as a result of nercous system disturbances or medications that stimulate the arousal mechanism
what is sensory Deficit
impaired reception, perception or both of one or more of the senses, ie blindness or deafness
What are factors affecting sensory function
1 Developmental stage
2 Culture
3 Stress
4 Medication and illness
5 Lifestyle and Personality
Differentiate the componets of stress as stimulus
Stimulus based=a stimulus, life event, or set of circumstances that arouse physiologic or psychologic reactions that may incress the individulas vulnerability to illness
what is a response base model of stress
Selye=the nonspecific response for the body to any kin, with subsequent changes in the structure and chemicals of body d of demand made upon it. he developed th GAS general aspation syndrome=occurs with the release of certian adaptive hormones
Schafer=arousal of mind and body in response to demands made upon it
describe the 3 stages of of the GAS and LAS
alar reaction=initial reaction, it alerts the bodies defenses has 2 phases, shock and countershock
shock=fight or flight
countershock=opposite or reverse of shock