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Define Nursing Process
The nursing process is used to identify, diagnose and treat human responses to health and illness. American Nurses Association, 2003
Self Actualization Needs
Esteem and Self Respect Needs
Belongingness and Affection Needs
Safety and Security Needs
*Physiologic Needs (must be met first before can move up pyramid)
A state of relative constance in the internal environment of the body, maintained naturally by physiological adaptive mechanisms.
Nursing Process
To identify, diagnose and treat human responses to health and illness.
5 Steps to Nursing
1. Assessing
2. Diagnosing
3. Planning
4. Implementation/Action
5. Evaluation
To establish a client data base.
Identify clien'ts strengths and health care needs.
1. Establish goals and expected outcomes.
2. Establish a holistic nursing care plan.
Providing Nursing intervention.
Determine effectiveness of care.
Features of critical thinking:
1. Active
2. Organized
3. Cognitive
Steps of Nursing Process
1. Assessment
2. Nursing Dx
3. Planning
4. Implementation
5. Evaluation
Sources of Data
1. Primary=patient
2. Secondary=family/significant support persons, health care team, medical record
Subjective vs Subjective secondary
Subjective= pt states, "my stomach hurts"
Subjective secondary=pt husband states, "her stomach hurts"
Primary methods of data collection
1. Interview and health history
2. Observing with all senses
3. Physical exam (head to toe)
4. Lab/Diagnostic tests