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What are the three parties involved in medication administration and what are their roles?
Doctor - writes the order for medication
Nurse - takes the order off the chart for the medication
Pharmacist - dispenses the medication to the nurse
If the doctor orders a medication to be given immediately / now, this is a ________ order.
What is the nurse's role in medication administration?
Knowledge; Assessing the pt's knowledge of giving medication to themselves independently, and using critical thinking skills
When an order is given to be used as a single, non-repeating order, this is called a _________ order.
one-time order
The standards of medication is known as the 5 Rights. What are these?
Right... Medication, Dose, Client, Route, Time
When all doctors agree on an order, this is called a ___________ order.
collaboration order
Name several types of medication orders.
Standing, Pre-written, PRN, One-time, STAT