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Autocratic Leadership
aka Authoritarian; "Bossy" (i.e. Military, ER); Directive, set objective, no input and not questioned.
Democratic Leadership
Input used to solve problem. Consensus. 2-way relationship. "We", Group.
Laissez-Faire Leadership
Little or no direction as leader.
Participative Leadership
Multicratic; analyze feedback from group to make decision.
Theory X
Classic Management Thry--(Mcgregor 1957) people find no pleasure, lazy, prefer to do nothing, child-like, want to be controlled/directed (Autocratic).
Theory Y
Classic Management Thry (Mcgregor 1957)-- People are dynamic, mature, responsible, set own goals, flexible, adaptive. (Democratic)
Theory Z
Classic Management Thry--(Japan) Original philosophy, structure, work for good of company mutual trust/loyalty. Cross-training.
Stages of Conflict (4)
Frustration, Conceptualization, Action, Outcome.
Modes of Conflict Resolution (5)
Accomodation, Collaboration, Compromise, Avoidance, Competition.
Functions in the Management Process (5)
Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating, Controlling.
Trait Thry
Idea that leadership is taught, it is not something you are born with.