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What is the unintentional failure to perform a caregiving function in order to inflict pain or injury?
Passive neglect
What begins at Infancy?
True or False: The elderly have problems with long term memory loss but not with short term memory loss.
False !! They have more problems with STM loss > LTM loss.
True or False: The US and Canada highly value their elderly alike, more than Sweden and China.
False !! The Swedish value their elderly the most with the US showing the least value.
Which type of abuse is the most frequent?
Physical, Sexual, Financial, Active neglect, Passive neglect
What age period is the fastest growing cohort in the US ?
Old Old
In Stage 8, Old Age, what is integrity related to?
a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
True or False: The elderly deal with losses in life - $$, home, family, spouse, health and independence.
Name four types of medical indications of elder abuse.
Bruising, Skin tears, Malnutrition/dehydration, Deubitus ulcers, Fractures
True or False: The elderly themselves consider it abnormal to be depressed but there is nothing they think that they can do.
False !! The elderly consider it normal to be depresssed.
What significant relationships are found in Stage 6?
friendships, love, and sex in Young Adult years
Define the "well-elderly" adults.
The elderly that are active vs. those in nursing homes; those that are "out & about".
True or False: Elder abuse occurs most with female adults that are more than or equal to 64 years old.
False ! Occurs most with females that are > 75 yo.
What is the intentional failure to perform a caregiving funtion in order to inflict pain or injury?
Active neglect
True or False: Growing old is hard work for the elderly and requires essential coping skills
What is committing an act intended to inflict physical pain or injury to another?
Physical abuse
True or False: Out of fear of retaliation and shame, the abused adult will rarely admit that they are being abused by their family member(s).
True !
Define financial abuse.
the intentional, illegal or unethical exploitation of funds or other property belonging to another.
What is key to know about Erikson for this section?
-that he is a theorist
-that he developed the 8 stages of life thinking
-that development occurs throughout all life stages
True or False: Dementia is a slow course disease which becomes unprogressive in the chronic state.
False !! Dementia is slow in course and progressive.
What are suspicious signs related to bruising in identifying elder abuse?
A combination of old and new bruises or bruising around the breasts and groin area
True or False: Dementia is irreversible while delirium is reversible.
True !!
What is a physician called who specializes in Geriontology?
What can delirium be caused by?
Infection, UTI, medications, falls, fever, grief, stress, change of environment
What is the intentional, illegal, or unethical denial of the personal rights of an individual?
Denial of Civil Rights
What is dementia caused by?
A pathological / organic problem
Delirium is __________ term and the _________ stage of confusion.
short term; acute stage of confusion.
What is the behavior on the part of the individual which results in pain or injury of themselves with or without the intent to inflict self-harm?
Self-abuse / neglect
Intimacy v. Isolation is the key relationship in what stage?
The Yound Adult years, Stage #6
Define sexual abuse.
Committing an unwanted and illegal sexual act
What is despair related to in Stage 8, the Old Age stage?
hopelessness and dread
Why is elder abuse difficult to assess?
because of normal physiological changes which occur with the aging process
Your relative is about to turn 70 - what age group of Old periods would they fit into and what ages does that cover?
The Young Old - covers ages 65-74 year olds
True or False: Dementia is the first sign of delirium.
False !! Delirium comes before Dementia.
What age group is the Middle Old?
75-84 year olds
What is the primary issue in the Young Adult years?
True or False: Cognitive impairments are a normal part of aging and should be respected in making tasks more simple for the elderly
False !! Cognitive impairment is NOT a normal part of aging.
What is the primary issue of Stage 7?
Care is the issue of the Middle Adult years
What is an Agist?
someone who discriminates against the elderly by making verbal remarks in the forms of jokes and comments
If your patient is 104 years old, which of Old periods would they be in and what ages does that cover?
The Elite Old - covers 100+ year olds
What are the ages of the fastest growing cohort in the US ?
85-99 year olds
What comparison is key in the Middle Adult years?
Generativity v. Stagnation
Life Review is the primary issue in what stage?
Old Age, Stage 8