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Which type of strep is documented with Rhuematic fever?
Groups A strep
Syphilis can be diagnosed by what way?
blood test (VDRL)
Lyme disease is characterized by what at the site of the bite?
Annular rings around the bite site
Main S/SX of Gonorrhea is?
Dysuria in both men and women and purulent drainage
S/SX of Shigella?
ABD cramping and fever
A positive sputum test for TB means what?
Active TB
Main minifestation of UTI is what?
frequency and enuresis( in children )
Passive immunity
From another ourse via the placenta or colostreum of mother, immune serum
Active immunity
Host produces its own antibodies
Natural or Aquired immunity
Injection of toxoids
Herpes Zoster is seen where on the body?
Thoracic area
The incubation period for Gonorrhea is?
2 - 8 days after exposure
Gantrisin is given for what ______ and fluids should be increase to prevent _________?
UTI, crystaluria
When HSV-2 diminishes, where does it go?
Ascends the peripheral nerves and remains in the nerve ganglia
Chlamydia is a concern for what type of delivery during pregnancy?
S/Sx of rocky mountin spotted fever
Sever vomiting, chills, and headache
S/SX of TB
Wheezing, skin pallor, night sweats
fever, HA, photphobia, seizures, stiffneck(less common)
Major problems with Epiglottitis?
airway clearance, pt may need to be intubated
How is giardiasis spread?
fecal/oral route, found in contaminated water
S/Sx of legionares' disease
Fever, cough CXR will show pnuemonia,decrease funtioning of liver and kidneys
S/Sx of meningitis
Nuchal rigidity, photphobia, delerium, seizures
what may accumpany otitus media?
Shigelloisis is transmitted how?
feca/oral route and is spread by contaminated water
Kopliks spots accumpany what disease?
What are the normal findings od synovial fluid?
Clear, scant, and straw colored
Colbenemid (Colichine) should be given with what instructions?
Increase fluid intake (helps excrete uric acid and also helps with constipation)
Rubella vaccine contains what kinda of virus?
live attenuated
1st phase Gram Neg. sepsis
hyperthermia, vasodilitation, hypotension, tachycardia
2nd phase Gram Neg. sepsis
S/SX of shock, decrease in urine output
what are 2 major signs of SLE?
buterfly rash on face, and muscle soreness
Spiral fractures are usually a sign of?
S/SX of fat emboli?
restless and irritable
The drying of a cast takes about how long?
24-72 hours
What type of NSG Dx is priority for a pt on bed rest?
impaired skin integrity
When taking dilantin, a pt should increase what in thier diet?
Pts with ICP may recieve what diuretic?
Frontal lobe controls
concentration, memory, motor function and speach
Corneral reflex is a sign of what?
brain mets of breast CA
What is the tensilon test?
Injecting endrophonium chloride via IVP and watching for facial movements as a Dx of myasthenia gravis
Occipital lobe contrils:
Parietal lobe controls:
sensory info. and spatial orientation
Temporal lobe controls:
When a pt is having a seizure, they should be placed in what position?
A pt with AGNOSIA whill not be able to rocognize what?
objects placed in hand
A transaction of C4 results in what?
Paraplegia is a result of damage to what area?
Pill-rolling tremors and shuffling gait are a sign of what?
Parkinson;s disease
With the proper equipment, a pt with a C6 injury should be able to do what?
self feed
What is proper care of a penrose drain?
place dressing around and over the drain
The major effects of myasthenia gravida are?
decrese in motor function begining with the muscles of the eyes, face, and throat
What is curlings ulcers?
Black tarry stools, this is a classic sign of typical burn complications
Antidote for Dig?
Antidote for Lead?
ADH is affected by what?
surgery and anesthesia
A distinctive sign of diverticulitis?
cramping pain in the LLQ
A major problem with an ileosotmy that can cause infections is?
best way to manage dumping syndrome is?
eat small frequent meanls without concentrated carbs
The older the pt is, the more risk for what complication?
hypoxemia and hypercapnia produced by hypoventilation
What type of shock can occur after surgery?
Hypovolemic type, this can be evidenced by a low CVP
Pts with ulcertive colitus should have what type of diet?
low residue, i.e., cottage cheese
A common medication used for Tx of Gonorrhea?
What type of vaccine is contraindicated in a pt with HIV?
Inactivated polio vaccine & trivalent polio vaccine
What best describes Legg-Calves-perthes disease?
necrosis of the femoral head causing dislocation
What is a homograft?
A replacement valve from a human
What are the S/SX of duodenal ulcers?
Wgt lose, belching, poor appt., N/V
Decreqase muscle strength, numbness in the extremities, decrease in hand eye coordination
A SE of strep is what?
glomerular nephritis
How do you remove a tick from the skin?
use tweezers, do not use fingers
Problems with olfatory nerve
loss or problems with smell
Problems with the optic nerve
problems with sight
Problems with oculomotor nerve:
ptosis, deviation of the eye ball outward, double vision, dilation of the pupil
Problems with the trochlear nerve:
rotation of the eyball upward, double vision
Problems with the trigeminal nerve:
pain or lose of sensation in the face , forhead, temple or eye
Problems with the abducens nerve:
eye trouble( double vision )
Problems with the facial nerve:
paralysis of one side of the face, inability to wrinkle the forhead, can not whistle, deviation of the mouth
Problems with the vestibulcochlear:
deafness or ringing in the ears, dizziness, N/V, reeling
Problems with the glossopharyngeal:
problems swallowing, taste disturbances
Problems with the vagus nerve:
hoarseness, difficulty swallowing
Problems with the spinal accessory:
dropping of the shoulder, inability to rotate the head away fromm the affected side
Problems with the hypogloassal nerve:
paralysis of one side of the tongue, deviation of the tongue toward the paralyzed side of the face, thick speech
Type of gait seen in Parkinson's disease:
shuffling, propulsive gait
Parkinson's disease is caused by what deficiency?
Mask like expression is a sign of what?
parkinson's disease
What visual changes are seen with MS:
Nystagmus, diplopia, blurred vision
S/SX of a head injury:
blurred vision, change in LOC, blood or watery drainage from ears and nose, pupils slow to react or are unequal
S/Sx of ICP:
pappiledema, changes in LOC, decreased sensory motor function, increased BP, decreased HR
The ______ the spinal cord injury, the _______ the loss of function
higher, greater
Injuries above C4 result in:
paralysis of respiratory muscles and all four ext.
Paralysis occurs where according to the level of injury:
below the lever of injury
What is Autonomic dysreflexia?
spinal cord injury at T6 or higher
S/SX of automonic dysreflexia:
flushed face, increased BP, headache, distended neck veins, decreased HR, increased sweating
Decorticate posture:
inward posture
Decerebtare posture:
outward posture
What are the three things measured for teh Glasgow coma scale?
eye(1-4), verbal(1-5), motor(1-6) 1 being nothing, **6 being the best
Strawberry tongue and red lips are a sign of:
Kawasaki disease
Superficial layers of skin _____ easily in pts. with Kawasaki disease
Pts with Kawasaki disease while have a temp. of how high:
> 102.2
Depression/dementia, joint pain and sore throat are a sign of what?
lyme disease
Jaw stiffness, chills, fever, sore throat, profuse sweating are signs of:
Acute Laryngotracheobronchitis(LTB) is frequently preceded by:
No pain is experienced with what type of burn:
third degree
What is diverticulitis?
the herniation fo the lining of the membrane that lines the bowel
Miotics do what for glaucoma pts.?
drain the aqueos humer
What is homonymous hemianopsia?
when the brain can only interprete half of the feild of vision
jaundice in hep A is caused by what?
bile salts deposited on teh skin
The oral polio vaccine is contraindicated in what pt.?
immune suppresed
What is electromyography?
a study that looks at muscles at rest and at contraction
Three things for a pt. that is S/P lumbar puncture...
bed rest, hydration and analgesics
What to watch for with Guillan-Barr syndrome?
resp. dysfunction
In the iciteric phase of Hep. A, the urine is what color?
Anticholenergics are given post-op for what reason:
decrease secretions
Wound healing by primary intention:
inciaion site is approximated, surures intact
Would healing by secondary intention:
granulated tissue forms into connective tissue and fills in the affected area
For a pt. taking Amphataricn B must be monitored for?
anaphylaxis, hypokalemia
Priority assesment in a pt. with frost bite is:
Meds to decrease cerebral edema are:
Mantoux test can be false neg. in what type of patients?
DPT immunization is a immunization for what?
diptheria, tetanus, pertussis
At what three times is the MMR given?
12 months
4 years
11 years
What ratio for ruebella shows resistance
Priority NSG Dx for pyelonephritis?
altered comfort R/T inflammatory process
Tx of UTI has been effective if the colony count is?
Koplik's spots are seen in which disease:
Glomerulonephritis is a complication of what?
Buck's traction is used to do what?
decrease muscle contractions
Myesthenia gravida is caused by a defiency of what?
Diet to promote wound healing:
vit C, iron, protien
What causes huntingtons disease?
degeneration of neurons
S/SX of huntingtons disease:
mood swings, trouble learning new things, trouple driving, remembering a fact and making a decision
What causes Chorea?
an over production of dpamine, this causes the involumtary movements
S/SX fo Chorea:
muscle contractions that appera to flow from one muscle to the next
twisting or whitering movements
SE of Isonizide:
diarrhea, visial changes, numbness or tingling in teh ext., unusual bleeding or bruising
SE of tegretal:
jaundice, memory problems, HA, anxiety, drowsiness, dizziness
Rhuematic fever and rhuematoid arthritis are caused by what?
strep AB
S/SX of shock
pale, clamy skin,low or no urine output, shallow breathing, profuse sweating, bluish nails and /or lips
What causes the mumps:
inflammation of the salivary glands
What is the zoster vaccine used to treat?
Kernigs sign:
stiffness of the hamstrings causes an inability to straighten the leg when the hip is flexed 90 degrees
What predisposes a person to otitis media?
Koplik's spot is a sign of:
What is the 1st sign of syphillis?
painless chancre
What position should a patient with PID be placed in?
Proper NSG Dx for a child with salmonella is:
fluid volume deficit
Prior to initiating ABX therapy on a pt. with Haemophilus Influenza, the nurse should do what?
obtain sputum, blood, and CSF cultures
Natural immunity is:
obtained by actually contracting the caustive agent
Pts. with hip surgeries should be how active?
as active as possible
What is an alternative to help alter the preception of pain?
back massage
Three goals for a pt. scheduled for ortho surgery?
maintian helth, improve mobility, improve self-concept
What is the skin care regime for bucks traction?
remove the boot three times daily to inspect the skin
S/SX of fat embolism
SOB, chest pain, confusion
Pt. in a MVA suffering from a CVA, what is the priority action?
lateral position to prevent seizures
precipatating factors for seizures are:
stress, ETOH+, insomnia
Long-term outcome for a pt. with Parkinson's disease is:
continue usually activities
Pt with bacterial meningitis has a high fever and complains of a sever HA, what is the first NSG action?
neurological assesment
According to the Glasgow coma scale, a pt. with a score of 6 will do what activity?
withdraw arms with painful stimuli
Eliciting the bicep reflex in a pt. will cause what?
elbow flexion
High levels of nitrogen in a burn pt. can be fixed by:
providing a high protien diet
What position is a pt. placed in during post-op to prevent aspiration?
Pain associated with a duodenal ulcer occurs when and where?
epigastrium, 1-3 hours after a meal
Pressure garmets used in burn pts. are used to:
prevent scarring
Ingesting a corrosive agent can cause what?
pain, difficulty swallowing, drooling
When a pt. has C/O's of phantom pain, what should teh nurse do?
administer ordered pain med
Common, early manifestation of diverticulitis:
crampy pain in the LLQ
If a pt. is unable to speak and feels numbness on the right side during a cerebral angioplasty, then the nurse whould document what?
vascular occlusion secondary to procedure
Why does adipose tissue not heal fast?
poor tissue perfusion
NSG Dx for SLE
self care deficit
What VS indicate an increase in ICP?
rising BP, slowing HR
A pt. with lyme disease should be taught never to take thier medication what?
milk or dairy products
What SE is common with fractures of the femur?
fat emboli
An internally rotated hip is a sign of what?
A condition that results from the demylenation of neurons is what?
What is used to stimulate a response for varicella?
zoster immune globulin
the best activity for a child is something taht?
reduces the work load of the heart
Mannitol is used in electrical burns to:
restore and maintian urinary output
After a skin graft a client, what should the site be covered with?
bulky occlusive DSG
Why do children get UIT's?
incomplete emptying of teh bladder
In mild German measles, how does the rash progress?
starts with the face then prgesses to the entire body
What type of bowel sounds do you have with diverticulitis?
increased bowel sounds
Who is most at risk of Ruebella?
unborn fetus
what type of diet should a pt. have with diverticulitis?
high fiber, high residue
The MD should be notified immediatly is a pt. taking steroids complains of what?
epigastric pain
A pt. with a C7 injury can move what?
head and neck
Diversional activity for a peds pt. with Chorea?
watching TV
Waht is the most effective dressing for Shingles?
cool wet dressing
Diet consistant with Glomerulonephritis?
low sodium, high calorie, low protien
The most definative test to Dx Chrons disease is:
A pt. that is post-op for cataracts should be placed in what position?
prone and on bedrest
S/SX of a detached retina?
vision deteriorates as if a vail or curtain is falling
What type of meds are used for glaucoma?
miotics - these dilate the pupil and promotes the draining of aqueous humor
Plumbism affects what body system?
neurological intellectual damage
When should a pt. with Myasthenia Gravis carry out physically demanding tasks?
in the AM
Where in the body to peptic ulcers occur?
pyloric area
Duodenal ulcers heal by what intention?
Pt. should be adised to remove what prior to an MRI?
Electroencephalogram does what?
measures the electrical activity of the brain
Electromyography is used to detect what?
muscular disorders
Otitis Media can ultimaly lead to ________ is left untreated?
conduction deafness
To admin. hear gtts to a child, the ear would be pulled how?
down and back
What virus causes mononucleosis?
epstein - barr
What body organ is affected in a pt. with mononucleosis?
Eschar is best described as:
necrotic slough
What skin color will you initally find in a pt. with carbon monoxide poisoning?
cherry red
What would be the lab values for a burn pt. that is indicative of a fluid lose?
increase K+, decreased NA+, increased H+H, metabolic acidosis
A pt. with a white covering on thier tongue and muscle pain should be asked what?
have you been in the wood lately? - - Dx of rocky mountain fever
A CVP of 3 indicates:
hypovolemic shock
A CVP of 18 indicates:
What to do for someone that has poisoning from APAP?
syrup of ipecac followed by water and the administer antidote(acetlcystein)
MMR is given how?
IM with Z-track
A vaccination for pertussis should be expected at what age?
10 years old
Which immunoglobbulin is aquired at birth?
How does HSV-2 survive?
spores are in the vagina
Hematopoetic radiation would msot likely cause:
Waht is the best position after a craniotomy?
fowlers, with a pillow under the shoulder
Reyes's syndrome causes mental changes due to an increase in what?
What vision change is seen in Lanoxin?
yellow vision and halos
Malnourished pts. taht are about to have surgery should be on what type of diet?
high protien
Alterations in magnesium can cause:
toxic shock syndrom
The rubella vaccine is contraindicated in pts. who have an allergy to what?
What should the urine smell like in a pt. who has pyelonephritis?
An increase in urien specific gravity is a sign of what?
neurological disorder that results in a loss of the ability to carry out meaningful task
Antidote for ASA:
activated charcoal
S/SX of Paget's disease:
bowing of legs. arthritits, pain
S/SX of Respiratory Syncytial Vrisus:
tachypnea, paroxysmal cough, wheezing, episodes of apnea
Msot common side affect of the DPT immunization?
low grade fever - administer APAP
Rubella in the prodromal stage has what S/SX:
mild conjuctivitis
Antidiahrreal drugs are contraindicated in what disease?
S/SX of scarlet fever?
white coating on tongue, rash at folds of skin, papillea are red and swollen
When a childs rib cage is higher on one side when the pt bends forward, what is this indicative of?
What should the nurse do to asses for carpal tunnel?
tap over the medial nerve
The normal findings for a patient in an arm cast is discomfort where?
in teh fingers
The proper NSG intervention for a sparined ankle is:
apply ice for teh first 24 hours
Pedeling the edges of a cast with tape helps to prevent what?
Most important goal in autonomic dysfelxia is?
reducing causative stimuli
Droopy eyes are found in pts. with what disorder?
myasthenia gravis
A reaction to painful stimuli is will result in which postion?
Pts. with expressive dysphasia should have what to help communicate?
picture board
TThe sensory relay point of the brain:
Early sign of an increase in ICP is:
decreased arousability
The use os corticosteroids for pts. with spinal injuries is to help increase what?
sensory and motor function
Normal babinksi reflex is when the toes do what?
fan out and turn laterally
What lab value can indicate that ulcertive colitis is improving?
For pts. that are under anestesia, the bed should be kept in what position
Instituting post-op leg excercises will help decrease what?
During surgety, a pts. most accurate body temp si measured where?
tympanic membrane
Smoking does what to the lungs
decreases vital capacity
S/SX of Thypus:
sudden onset of fever, chills, myalgia
The rash that occurs with Rocky Mountin Spotted Fever occurs where?
soles of the feet and the palms of the hands
Two ABX's not used in children are ________ % ________
tetracycline and chloramphenicol
ABX used to treat histoplasmosis:
amphatericin B
What problems occur in the 2nd stage of syphillis?
bone, muscle aches
Shypillis is treated with what 2 ABX's:
cipro + suprax
Drug of choice for acute pharyngitis:
Test used to screen a large group of people for TB:
multi-puncture skin test
What is the best time to obtain a sputum culture?
in teh AM before getting OOB
Brudzinski's sign:
movement of hips to flexion on forward flexion of the neck
Phalen"s sign:
pain when the backs of hands are placed together
increased roundness of the spine
excessive curvature of the lumbar spine
Paget's disease affects the bones how?
results in enlarged and deformed bones
What medication is used to treat SLE?
Heberden's nodes:
irreversable changes in teh distal joints of the fingers
Bouchard's nodes are found where?
in the proximal interdigital area
A child with hip dysplasia should be positioned in the bed how?
with the shoulders higher than the buttocks
The patella reflex causes what?
lower leg extension
Paraplegia is secondary to:
thoracic injury
Quadraplegia is secondary to:
cervical spine injury
Hemiplegia is secondary to:
S/SX of neurogenic shock:
pink skin, flat neck veins, normal to low HR, low vascular resistance
A serious development that happens with increased ICP is:
widening pulse pressue
A serious complication of hemorrhagic stroke is:
vasospasms of cerebral vessels
A stroke in the vertebrobasilar aretry will result in:
A CT scan will be positive for a stroke how many hours after onset?
48-72 hours
SE of levodopa:
posteral hypotension, anorexia, GI bleed, hoarsness, vomiting, dyskenesia, head bobbing
Dopamine agonsits(amantidine) work how:
prevent the reuptake of dopamine and keep it in the system longer
Surgery for Parkinson's Disease:
Huntingtons disease reasults in the degeneration of the ___________
cerebral cortex
Guillane Barr occurs when?
after mild viral illness, surgury or innoculation
During hemorrhage, what is administered to control the hypovolemia?
Prolonged vomiting can result in:
metabolic acidosis
Dumping syndrome is a complication of:
S/SX of APAP toxicity:
increase in PT/INR, pallor
S/SX of Salycate poisoning:
hyperventilation, ketosis, metabolic acidosis
Syrup of ipecac is contraindicated with what type of materials?
corrosive and petroleum
S/SX of renal injuries:
palpable mass, eccymosis
S/SX of intraparitoneal injuries:
board like AND, decrease in bowel sounds
TX for hypovolemic shock:
fluids, transfusion
TX for septic shock:
ventilation, fluids, ABX's