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In Diabetes Insipidus the urine specific gravity is
1.001 - 1.005
Bulimia is
binge eating
What should you keep handy in the patient's room for 48 hrs. after a thyroidectomy?
Tracheostomy set
In corticosteroids therapy, the plan of care is
to prevent infection
Prior to an IVP, what does the nurse need to ask the patient?
Do you have any allergies?
Buffalo hump is an abnormal adipose tissue distribution in what disease?
Cushing's syndrome
What medication serves as replacement therapy in hypothyroidism?
A hormonal change of adolescence from androgenic stimulation of sebum production is a predisposing factor for what?
Acne Vulgaris
Why should Synthroid not be taken with food?
Food interferes with absorption.
Tofranil with concomitant use may lead to
GI complications
A patient on Synthroid therapy should report what side effect?
S/S of hyperkalemia are
muscle weakness, hypotension, shallow respirations, apathy, and anorexia.
S/S of hypokalemia are
muscle weakness, flaccid paralysis, bradycardia, oliguria, and muscle cramps.
A patient who has good control of diabetes may show what?
A 2 hr. post-prandial blood sugar result of 139 mg/dl
A patient with hypothyroidism has what type of intolerance?
Cold intolerance; give blanket
In diabetes mellitus, the patient should do what to their feet?
Bathe feet daily in warm water and dry feet carefully, especially between the toes.
A 21 yr. old getting married in 3 weeks stated, "I'm not sure if I want to go through with it". What is this called?
Intimacy vs. Isolation
The psychosocial stage of development in alcoholism is
Clinical manifestation of acute pancreatitis is
a constant epigastric abdominal pain radiating to the back, and flank pain, which is more intense in the supine position.
If a patient has a positive outlook on surgery, what does it mean?
The goal has been met, which is self-actualization.
What side effects should be reported immediately to the physician on a patient in lithium therapy?
Diarrhea, vomiting, drowsiness, muscular weakness, and lack of coordination
The therapeutic serum level for lithium maintenance is
0.6 - 1.2 mEq/L
OCD is what type of disorder?
Alanon is a self-help group for families of
The treatment for phobia (irrational fear) is called
After ECT treatment, which way should the patient be positioned?
On his/her side, or have head turned to the side.
Delusion is
a fixed false belief
Giving away personal possessions is one of the tell-tell signs of what?
Suicide ideation
What is agoraphobia?
The fear of open, crowded spaces.
A personality disorder that manifests hostilities into others is
What is a long term complication of DM?
Diabetic neuropathy
What is one way to assess patient judgement?
Ask the patient what to do if he found a stamped envelope (the patient should respond that he would drop it in the mail).
After ECT, the patient should be monitored for what/
post shock amnesia
A patient on lithium therapy should have what type of diet?
Adequate sodium diet and intake of fluids (2500-3000ml)
The doctor pronounced the child dead, and the mother is still performing CPR. The mother is showing what?
What is transvestitism?
The desire to wear clothes of the opposite sex.
Portal vein HTN is associated with
liver cirrhosis.
After a thyroidectomy, assess for laryngeal damage that is manifested by
A patient with hypoparathyroidism has
Excessive blinking, vermiform tongue movement, abnormal involuntary sucking, chewing, licking, and pursing movements of tongue and mouth are all signs of
tardive dyskinesia.
What meds are given to counteract extrapyramidal side effects?
Artane and Cogentin.
In order to prevent a hypertensive crisis, what type of foods should a patient on MAOIs avoid?
Aged cheese, caffeine, beer, yeast, chocolate, liver, processed foods, and MSG
What are extrapyramidal sx?
Parkinsonism, dystonia, akathisia (ants in pants), and tardive dyskinesia.
A manic depressive should be given what to supply adequate nutrition?
finger foods
What diet should a patient with chronic pancreatitis have?
Low fat, bland diet
Hepatitis A should be on what precaution?
Associated with liver disorder, there will be a sign of
One of the side effects of Dilantin is
gum hyperplasia
What should you watch for in phenylketonuria?
What happens in diabetic ketoacidosis?
the fatty acids are broken down
What are clinical manifestations of diabetic ketoacidosis?
Kussmaul's breathing and acetone breath
What does the nurse need to ask the family of a child diagnosed with diabetes?
The child's diet.
After a thyroidectomy, the nurse should check for signs of hemorrhage by
rolling patient to the side and checking the back of the neck.
What is the usual reaction of a woman diagnosed with cancer?
The husband had a problem at work, and came home and hit his wife. The defense mechanism is
How do you know if a schizophrenic patient is improving in his social activity?
He attends group activity, but doesn't talk.
In orientation phase, what is developed based on Erik Erickson theory?
For a manic patient, which s/s needs intervention?
Patient loosing weight.
Clinical manifestation of thyroid storm or crisis is
Korsakoff's syndrome is due to the deficiency of
Vit. B1 (thiamine)
To prevent lipodystrophy in giving insulin to a diabetic patient, what should the nurse do?
Change site of injections.
Patient receiving Levodopa for the treatment of parkinsonism develops
a control shuffling gait
A clinical sign of esophageal varices is
In dealing with a patient having anxiety, what should you do?
reduce stimuli
How can peripheral problems in diabetic patients be prevented?
Examine the skin daily for lesions.
Definitive diagnostic test for diabetes is
GTT (glucose tolerance test)
A father lost his job and is very upset. What should be assessed first?
previous coping mechanism
When taking MAOIs, foods containing what are contraindicated?
What should you check for in a patient with esophageal varices?
portal HTN
Drug of choice for manic-depressive is
What should you check for before a liver biopsy?
PT and platelets
What should you keep handy in the room of a patient with an esophageal balloon tamponade?
scissors at the bedside to cut the tip
A patient who just had their gallbladder removed is at risk for what post operative condition?
atelectasis and dehiscence
After a liver biopsy, the patient should be positioned
on the right side with a pillow underneath
The first priority for the nurse in helping a battered wife is
the physical safety
Patient with renal calculi should increase fluid intake to
more than 2500cc/day
Why use Lugol's solution before thryoidectomy?
Devascularize the gland
An antidepressant is a
mood elevator
Ways to prevent ICU psychosis is
have the patient tour the ICU
What happens when you take thorazine with alcohol?
You get intoxicated quicker
Why should steroid therapy be tapered?
To prevent Addison's effect.
Clozaril is contraindicated on a patient with
severe granulocytopenia, severe CNS depression, and pregnancy.
Clinical manifestations of cholecystitis are
N/V, low-grade fever, biliary colic pain, and right upper quadrant guarding; pain radiates to the right scapula.
Early complaints of liver cirrhosis are
fatigue, anorexia, edema of the anides in the evening, epistaxis and bleeding gums.
___ is used when the individual is unable to recall painful or unpleasant feelings because they have been involuntarily pushed into the unconsciousness.
____ is seen in the situation in which unwanted characteristics or shortcomings are shifted to others.
____ is a hyperfunction of the adrenal medulla
Clinical manifestations of diabetes insipidus are
polydipsia, polyuria, SG 1.000-1.005, and high serum osmolality.
Treatment for psychogenic amnesia is
A patient with galactosemia should not have
dairy products
A sign of transplant rejection is
If a patient is wandering, what can you do?
Provide a bracelet with information.
An indication that Lactulose is effective is
the patient has increased alertness
A child fails to grow above 3rd percentile in 2 years. What is the clinical manifestation?
Before paracentesis procedure, patient should
void first
Depressed patient with nutritional problem - nurse should
stay with patient during meal
Antabuse is administered orally in treatment of
In acute pancreatitis, lab values would show
increase glucose and lipids, decreased calcium and potassium
How do you check for patency of atriovenous shunt in hemodialysis?
Presence of BRUIT
Reactions to eating restricted foods while on MAOI diet are
HAs and hypertensive crisis
Expected outcome of Kayexalate therapy is
decreased potassium level
What should you suspect when the mother reports that her baby sleeps all the time and does not cry?
After a thyroidectomy, what signs should you report to the doctor?
tingling of fingers and extremities because of the damage to the parathyroid gland.
What hormone is deficient in diabetes insipidus?
What is the clinical sign of increased ammonia level?
Decreased consciousness
What is the medication used in acute pancreatitis?
Cortisol is given in patient with what disease?
Addison's disease
Medication for N/V due to cholecystitis
Compazine, Meclazine, and Tigan
Lithium carbonate indicates that it is starting to work if
the patient concentration improves
A manic patient under milieu therapy: it has achieved the goal if
the patient gets along with the staff
Patient states "I'm sure surgery will be alright". The Maslow's hierarchy of needs is
Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome clinical manifestations are
double the weight (proteinuria or albuminuria)
In hyperthyroidism, the primary nursing action is to
let the patient eat in a quiet environment
Myelomeningocele causes
flaccid paralysis of the lower extremities
Child hospitalized with dx of chronic renal failure. The father needs health teaching if he
gives peanut butter sandwich and milk to the child.
What can you expect in hyperparathyroidism?
renal calculi
In bipolar disorder, the primary nursing action is to
prevent injury
In bile duct obstruction
can't absorb fat and Vit. K
In an acute panic episode, what should you do?
Assure patient that the environment is safe.
The purpose of aerosol spray is
to liquify secretions
The best way to deal with a depressed patient is
to initiate communication with them
Diet for patient with glomerulonephritis is
low protein
Following ECT, what should the nurse do with the patient?
Orient to person, place, and time
Following ECT, sx that should be reported to the doctor is
back pain
Patient with acute renal failure. The nurse will see possible clinical signs of
matabolic acidosis
Primary nursing action for patient with anorexia nervosa
give support at mealtime and record amount eaten
Patient after thyroidectomy, monitor for
Nurse is leaving for vacation and the patient responds "You never care about me". You know this is
patient response to early termination of therapeutic relationship
You will find a low specific gravity of urine in what disease?
diabetes insipidus
clinical manifestations of Gushing's syndrome
edema (kidney problem)
Clinical signs of hypoglycemia
diaphoresis, tachycardia, and hypotension
Anorexia nervosa: Primary nursing dx is
nutrition less than body requirements
What lab value is elevated in the end stage of cirrhosis of the liver?
excessive intake of which fluid in renal calculi?
A nurse told the patient "You are in a fine hospital, so you will be well soon." The nurse's non-therapeutic technique is
false reassurance
A post-op patient told the nurse, "I didn't know that the scar is as bad as this." The nurse responds
Tell me about what you know.
An obese patient is at risk for
What needs to be measured in a patient with liver cirrhosis?
abdominal girth
In glomerulonephritis, a decrease in ESR indicates
Body image disturbance of patient with Cushing's syndrome
toothpick extremities
A sign of potential emotional problems in an adolescent is if he makes the fwg. statement:
I don't have any friends
The onset of Alzheimer's disease sx may be described as
Antabuse tx is to prevent
sporadic drinking impulses
A woman who has been physically abused by her husband, what would be an appropriate nursing intervention?
Have the woman take responsibility for seeking additional therapy
A 47 y/o client has been admitted to the hospital with a medical dx of BPH. Which sx would be indicative of a complication in the pre-op phase of his care?
Haldol, an antisychotic drug has been given to a client. What side effect can the nurse expect?
Urinary frequency
Which of the fwg. nursing dx should be given priority in the care plan of a pt who has chronic pancreatitis?
Alteration in nutrition, less than body requirements, R/T altered ability to digest nutrients.
Which OTC med should the pt avoid who is taking oral anticoagulants?
A client is receiving the antipsychotic med Clozaril. Which significant toxic risk must be assessed?
blood dyscrasia, monitor WBC count
A pt involved in an MVA sustained a skull fx that involved the cerebellum area of the brain. Which sx might the nurse expect to observe?
ataxia - inability to coordinate movement
What state follows manic state?
Depressed state
If a dementia pt lives at home, what to they need to wear?
ID bracelet
Alcoholic pt is deficient in
Why is atelectasis a complication after gall bladder surgery?
incision is close to diaphragm and cause pain when the pt breathes
Drug used to dry secretions before surgery is
atropine sulfate
My tongue doesn't feel as thick as stated clearly by the patient, indicates
EPS meds are working
What is the cause of pancreatitis?
To assess for Hep. A, the nurse may need to know on the chart if the patient has eaten what?
side effects of Haldol are
drowsiness, insomnia, weakness, HA, extrapyramidal sx, akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, dystonia
Lab test giving the most specific indication of kidney disease is
serum creatinine
An ideal donor would be
an identical twin or sibiling
Bilateral adrenalectomy needs to take what for life?
Alcoholic man states he drinks because no one understands how he works so hard, he is using what defense mechanism?
Pt with liver cirrhosis, discharge instruction
use soft bristle toothbrush for good oral hygiene
pyloric stenosis clinical manifestation
epigastric nodule
priority for pt with psychosis
do not let them harm themselves or others
in acute pancreatitis, what lab value is elevated?
serum amylase
To check the neurologic status of hydrocephalus pt
ask pt about place, person, and time
What is the sign of obstructive jaundice?
excessive itching of the skin
NPH insulin given and patient experienced sx of low blood sugar in
10 hours