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positive signs of pregnancy
you are pregnant
1)fetal heart tones (FHT) heard 16-20 weeks.
2)movements 20 weeks
3)sonographic after 8 weeks
when can you have a xray if you are pregnant?
35 weeks with no fetal harm
number of pregnancies regardless of outcome
number of viable pregnancies
Alpha-fetoprotein test
done at 15-18 weeks.indicates
neural tube defects
Where is the fundus at 12 weeks gestation?
at symphysis pubis
where is fundus at 20 weeks?
where is fundus at 36 weeks?
lower border of ribs
What is the normal fetal heart tone?
120-160 per minute
Nonstress test
evaluates fetal heart rate accelerations that occur normally in response to fetal activity. Accelerations indicate intact central and autonomic nervous system.
Define pregnancy -induced hypertension. PIH
occurs after 20 weeks gestation.s/s edema,proteinuria,hypertension
eclampsia with convulsions in absence of symptoms.b/p over 140/90 on 2 occasions.
Placenta previa
placenta in lower uterine segment,partially or completely covering internal cervical os. s/s-painless bleeding
preterm rupture of membranes. before onset of labor.risk factors-infection
artificial rupture of doctor.after this is done monitor fetal heart tones
indirect coombs test
antibody screening.want neg. ersult.Rh negative and carrying rh positive fetus will be positive