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has god-given ability to heal using religious approach. can be male or female
medical or health problem with associated symptoms of disabilities that require long-term management.
Why do we have chronic illness today?
ATIIBIOTICS AND MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS. In past people would have died.
Phases in Trajectory Model of chronic illness
1) acute-nds up in hospital.
2) crisis-ER visit
3) comeback-gradual return to acceptable way of life within limits.
4) downward-increasing difficulty to control symptoms
acute illness
a disease that produces symptoms soon after exposure.Full recovery
chronic illness
runs long course and have only partial recovery.
Healthy People 2000
1)increase life span-ex.carseats
2)reduce health disparityby providing acccess to preventive services
3) decrease race-based disparity in life expectancy
formal and informal group characterized by interdependence. share some type of bond
study of the distribution of health and illness in a population
presumptive pregnancy signs
1)menses stop
2)breast changes
4) n&v
5) quickening
6) fatique
define quickening
fetal movement. 16-20 week
probable signs of pregnancy
1)abd. enlargement
2)changes in uterus
3)braxton hicks
4)hcg is positive
hegar's sign
lower uterine segment softens 6-8 weeks aftr onset of last menses.probable sign
chadwick's sign
probable sign-bluish or purplish discoloration of cervix and vaginal wall
goodel's sign
probable sign. softening of cervix.