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What is a sign of bladder retention
Bladder distention after voiding.
what is the best way to promote calcium retention in the bones.
Help the patient to ambulate
What she you use to dilute a potassium elxir.
Use water
What does a sunken fontanelle indicate.
A sign of hypovolemia in a infant.
What is the best fluid to use for hypovolemia
0.9% normal saline
What is important to know about 1/2 of 0.45% normal saline.
It is fluid loss of water without loss of electrolytes.
What is the best fluid to treat cellular dehydration.
One with a high hydrostatic pressure.
What is a sign of lower airway obstruction.
Sternal retractions
What is edema.
Fluid that moves from the intravascular area to the interstital area.
What is the best way to prevent a UTI with a patient that has a indwelling catheter.
Have patient drink 3000ml/fluid per day.
What is a carnative enema used for.
what type of enema is a fleets enema. What does it do?
Adds fluid to the bulk of the colon stimulating defecation.
What she you do if a patient complains of abdominal cramping when administering a enema.
Stop the enema and restart it a lower flow rate.
What is a sign of dehydration
increase hematocrit.
What is erythropoeisis
Red cell production
What do you do if a patient has 150ml of residual in stomach.
Stop the feeding.
What is the most effective sign that a patient percieved constipation has been met.
When patient can verbalize that 3 bowel movements per week is exceptable.
What can increase bile obstruction.
Salad dressings
What does milk of magnesia do
draws water into the bowel.
Where does gas exchange take place?
In the capillaries.
What position should the patient be placed when inserting a nasogastric tube.

a. fowlers
b. supine
c. high-fowlers
high fowlers.
What are some interventions that you can do to help a resident sleep.
Give them warm milk. tell them to read a book.
What is the most common cause of hypomagnesium
Vitamin B deficency and peripheral neuropathy can be caused by.
What is third spacing.
Accumulating fluid in addition to ECF and ICF which is unavailable to support the circulation but remains inside the body.
Can too much ADH lead to fluid volume deficit.
What is a sign of hyposmolar balance
A decrease osmolity and a decrease serum sodium
What type of stool will you find in a sigmoidostomy

a. loose
b. soft, intermittent
formed, intermittent
formed, intermittent.
what intervention should you teach your patient prior to testing blood in the stool.
Instruct patient to stop taking multivitamins with iron 3 days before test.
What should you report when recieving hypertonic IV fluid
Bounding pulse