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What are the basic characteristics of the nursing process?
A) universally applied in a variety of settings
B) Cyclical and dynamic
C) patient centered
D) Interpersonal and collaborative
What is the required competencies of the nurse in order to apply the Nursing process effectively?
1) cognitive
2) Technical
3) Inerpersonal
What are the 5 parts tot he nursing process?
1) Assessment
2) Analysis
3) Planning
4) implementation
5) Evaluation
What are the parts of assessment?
* establish a database (patient history)
* Continually update the database (adding lab\xray)
*document in retrievable form ( chart data pertinent to nursing diagnosis)
What are the parts of analysis?
* Interpret and analysis patient data
* identify patient stregths
* Identify actual or potential health problems
* Formulate a nursing formal diagnosis
* Set priorities based on the patients development level. Based on maslows hierarchy of needs, based on optimal resources.
*Determine clinical problems that require collaboration with other health care professionals
What are the 4 parts of the planning phase?
* Establish expected outcomes for care related to health promotion, health maintenance and health restoration.
* incorporate factors influencing the patients health status (age, sex....)
* Using established nursing standards and protocols, plan nursing measures to help the patient to achieve the expected outcomes.
* assign\ supervise patient care activities to be conducted by other members of the health care team.
What are the 4 parts of the implementation process?
* use nursing measures appropriate to the patients identified health problems
* Provide information and instruction related to the patients identified health problem
* Use nursing measures to promote continuity of care.
What are the 3 parts of the evaluation process
* Record and report the patients response to nursing actions .
* Reassess and revise the patients plan of care as necessary.
* Determine the patients response to care provided by other members of the health care team.