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Ventrogluteal site IM
prefered site d/t:
contains no blood vessels, greatest thickness of glute muscle, sealed off by one, less fat, must be over 7 mo of age
Vastus Lateralis site IM
Used in infants 7 mo and younger (Anterior lateral thigh)
Dorsogluteal site IM
not for children under 3 years, unless child has been walking at least 1 year
Rectus femoris site IM
Ant aspect of the thigh
Sub Q injections
#25-30#G 3/8th-5/8th inch
-45degree angle if can grab 1 in of sub q tissue
-90degrees if can grab 2 inches of sub q tissue
requires labels are accurate, all drugs must be tested
Components of drug order
-Route -Dose
-Pt -Frequency
-Form -Date/Time
Injection site Infants
Vastus lateralis