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Voice is to verbal communication as _________________ is to non-verbal communication.
Body Language
What is the basic element of human interaction?
What 3 ways can an individual block communication with another?
By failing to listen
By using inappropriate comments or questions
By gossiping or spreading rumors
What things influence verbal communication?
Vocabulary, Denotative and connotative meanings, Pacing, Intonation, Humor, Clarity, Timing and Relevance
When the nurse helps or encourages the patient to communicate feelings or perceptions, fears, anxieties, frustration, expectations and increased dependency needs, this is what form of interaction?
What factors may influence communication?
Attitude, Sociocultural or ethnic background, Past experiences, Knowledge of subject matter, Ability to relate to others, Interpersonal perceptions, Environmental factors / time, place, and the presence of people
The receiver receives what from the sender?
True or False? Non-verbal and verbal communication of the sender are not related when a message is received by the receiver
FALSE ! Verbal and non-verbal communication are interrelated. Non-verbal cues adds meaning to verbal communication
Name 5 of 9 things that promote effective communication.
Rapport, Specific objectives, Comfortable environment, Privacy, Confidentiality, Client focus, Use of nursing observations, Optimal pacing, Providing personal space
When the nurse interacts with the patient in talking about the news or sports on TV or in the paper, this interaction is called ...
Social interaction
What does the receiver give to the sender to let the sender know the message was received?
The means of conveying the message to the receiver by the sender is the __________ .
Name 2 types of interactions that occur in the nursing field between the nurse and patient.
Social interactions and therapeutic interactions
Communication allows people to .....?
establish, maintain, and improve contacts with others
How do we non-verbally communicate?
By our position or posture, by gestures, touch, vocal cues, physical appearance, facial expressions, and distance or spatial territory
Two people communicating with each other is a type of what communication ?
Interpersonal communication
The environment between the sender and receiver can be defined as what?
The physical and emotional atmosphere present at the time of the interaction.
What type of communication exists in a small group, such as a study group, of 3-10 people or in a large group, such as a classroom, of > 10 people?
Public communication
What are three phases of a therapeutic relationship?
Initiating or orienting phase
Working phase
Terminating phase
Communication takes two basic forms. What are they?
Verbal and Non-verbal
If the message sent and the message received are not the same, there is said to be a ___________ in the message.
What motivates the sender and receiver to communicate with each other?
When an individual uses a block during communication, they ...... ?
they fail to perceive the other person as a human being
Communication can be seen as two processes which are?
process of sharing information and process of generating and transmitting meanings.
When communication is vague and not clear, it is:
Name 6 ways we communicate.
Touch, Expression, Gesture, with Symbols, with Words, with Silence