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acultural nursing care
care taht avoids concern for cultural differences.
Culturally sensitive nursing care
care that respects and is compatible with each clients culture
values, beliefs, and practices of a particular group. learned from birth, shared by memebers of a group, influenced by enviroment, techology, and avalilablity of resources, and dynamic and ever changing.
Biologic variations, shared physical characterics, skin color, eye shape.
the less of something or someone. women are a minority to men, and the number of latinos and african americans, until they acquire more polictial power in society, they are the minorities in america.
bond of kinship a person feels with his or her coutry or birth place of ancestral origin, whether or not that person has ever lived outside the united states.
Anglo Americans
us caucasians who trace their ancestry to the united kingdom and western europe.
fixed attidudes about all people who share a common characrteric.
supposition that a person shares cultural characterics with others of a similar background.
belief that ones own ethnicity is superior to all others.
culture shock
bewilderment over behavior that is culturally atypical.
unique cultural groups that coexist within the dominant culture, there are four major subcultures in the united states right now, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.
African Americans
Those whose ancestral origin from africa
those who trace their ethnic origin to Latin or south america, sometimes referred to as hispanics
Asian Americans
those who come from china, japan, korea, phillipines, thailand, cambodia, laos, and vietnam.
Native Americans
indian nations found in north america including the eskimos and aleuts.
transcultural nursing
providing nursing care within the context of anothers culture, includes the following: assessments of culture nature, acceptance of each client as an indivual, knowledge of health problems that affect particular cultural groups, planning of care within the clients health belief system to acheive the best health outcomes.
a drug that may precipitate the anemic response G-6-PD in Africa Americans, it is also used to treat gout.