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What is Spirituality?
defined as the act of connecting to systems such as God, nature or other people to find meaning through relationships
gives life to or animates, a person
-is whatever is at the center of all aspects of a person's life
-is a highly personal matter
What is Spiritual Health?
a person's health depends on a balance of physical, psychological, sociological, cultural, developmental and spiritual factors
What does caring for a client's spiritual needs mean?
accepting his or her beliefs and experiences, and helping the client with issues surrounding meaning and hope
To care for spiritual needs requires that the nurse?
Have an awareness of one's own spirituality
Be able to recognize spirituality in clients
What are some of the scientific knowledge based aspects of Spirituality?
1. research shows assoc.btw spirituality and health
2. beneficial health outcomes when individual is able to engage his or her beliefs in a higher power and sense a source of strength or support
-healing power of prayer may lower blood pressure, reduce stress b4 surgery, enhance cancer trmnt, or relieve depression and improve immune status in AIDS
Traditional concepts of spirituality are?
-a relationship with humanity, nature, a system of beliefs, a supreme being, or God
-Unique for ea individual, influenced by culture, beliefs, life experiences and ideas about life
-offers connectedness
What is Spiritual Well-being?
1. A sense of harmonious interconnectedness btw self, other/nature, and an ultimate other that exists throughout and beyond time and space
2. 2 important characteristics:
a. Unifying theme in people's lives
b. State of being
Three traditional concepts:
1. Faith
2. Religion
What is Faith?
1. relationship w/ divine higher power, authority or spirit that incorporates a reasoning faith and a trusting faith
2. A way of relating to the self, others and God, and integrating the past, present and future with God as the center
What is a Reasoning faith?
an individual's belief and confidence in something for which there is no proof
What is Trusting Faith?
A manner in which a person chooses to live life and demonstrate faith
Some definitions of Religion:
1. Associated with a state of doing
2. a specific system of practices
3. expressions of specific beliefs
4. concepts of religion and spirituality must be separated
5. a framework for beliefs
6. is not required by spirituality
What is Hope?
1. considers spirituality a key element
2. is usually present in persons that have an attitude of something to look forward to, to live for
3. Closely linked to faith
4. An invaluable personal resource when faced with loss
What is Spiritual Distress?
1. Disruption of a person's "life principle"
2. present when an individual's resources are not effective
3. occurs when a person's beliefs and prescribed health regimens or the inability to perform usual rituals are in conflict
Illness and Spiritual Distress
1. Acute Illness- creates an unanticipated scramble to integrate and cope with a new reality
2. Chronic illness- independence can be threatened, causing fear, anxiety & depression
3. Terminal illness- creates uncertainty about the meaning of death increasing susceptibility to spiritual distress
4. Near-death experience-
may decrease spiritual distress
Spiritual Assessment:
JAREL spiritual well-being scale
a simple tool for assessing clint's spiritual well-being and self-responsibility satisfaction
5.ritual and practice
7.client expectation
Some Nursing Diagnoses for Spirituality:
1. Anxiety
2.Compromised or disabled family coping
3. Spiritual distress or Risk for spiritual distress
4. readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being
5. Fear
6. Hopelessness
7. Ineffective coping
8. Dysfunctional grieving
1. Goals and Outcomes
2. Setting priorities-primary focus should be on relief of symptoms then spirituality can be clearly addressed
3. Continuity of care- Should include significant others, families and friends
1. Health Promotion=
-establishing presence
-supporting a healing
-support systems
-diet therapies
2. Restorative & Continuing Care
-supporting rituals
-Supporting grief work
1.Client care-
-Focuses on helping the client exercise faith (acute illness) or retain faith (chronic or terminal illnesses)
2. Client expectations:
-Were client's spiritual practices respected?
-Was the nurse-client relationship one of caring and support?
Caring for a client's spiritual needs means?
Accepting the client's beliefs and experiences, and helping the client with issues surrounding meaning and hope.
An individual who does not believe in the existence of God is an?
Hope is a concept related to spirituality that can be best described as?
Providing comfort in the presence of Life's threats and challenges
Hinduism discourages the prolonging of life and believes illness is?
caused by past sins.
Client's rituals and practice:
Provide structure and support for the client during difficult times.
If rituals are important to the client, the nurse uses them as part of nursing interventions.
The ability to establish presence is part of the art of nursing. it is not simply being in the same room with a client but also?
Involves offering a closeness with the client, physically, psychologically and spiritually
For Hindus it is important to consider that?
Some sects of Hinduism are vegetarians. The belief is not to kill any living creature.
Johovah Witnesses may avoid
food prepared with or containing blood
Members of the Mormon Faith?
avoid alcohol,caffeine, and tobacco
Clients who experience terminal illness or who have suffered permanent loss in body function because of a disabling disease or an injury can benefit from/
Grief work
What does an Agnostic believe?
That the existence of a God or higher power cannot be proven or disproved (any ultimate reality is unknown or unknowable)
Can spirituality be an important concept for Atheist or Agnostic?
yes it can, they search for meaning in life through their work and their relationships with other individuals
Do Hindus accept modern medical science?
Hinduism accepts modern medical science; however, the belief is that illness is caused by past sins, and the prolongation of life is discouraged.
If rituals are important to a client, the nurse should use them as part of?
Nursing Intervention
What does presencing involve?
"being with" a client versus "doing for" a client, Presencing involves offering closeness with the pt.