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Define Osteoporosis
condition that is charechterized by less bone density, brittleness, and increased porosity.
Why does osteoporosis happen
raised calcium loss, after menopause
What are risk factors of osteoporosis
family history,northern european heritage. smoker.
What are the manifistations of osteoporsis?
no s&s until 30% bone loss. loss of height. curvature of the spine, low back pain, hip,forearm and vertebral column
non raised reddened spot
solid elevation of reddened spot
small elevation containing puss
shedding dead epithelial cells
dried exudate
loss of eidermis
Skin care hygiene
daily bathing of area, avoid rubbing warm water
itching; usuall a symptom not a disease
Pruitis Treatment
prevent scratching, remove iratiting causes and medications
chronic, noninflammitory skin disease
S&S of psoriasis
dry silvery scales
treatment of psoriasis
tar pre followed by ultraviolet light
stress management
contact dermatitis
inflammatory skin condition
what causes contact dermatitis
poison ivy,oak,sumac,cosmetics,soaps,clothing,food
S&S of dermatitis
pruitis,vescicultion,edema. weeping and crust/ drying and peeling.
Treatment for dermatitis
remove and avoid cause, soothing solutions (burows, calamine)
Lupus Erythematosus
collagen disease with inflammation and slow destruction of collagen
Types of Lupus
Discord (chronic eruption)
Systemic (affecrts many organs,kidney,lungs heart)
How is it diagnosed?
presence of ANA anti-nuclear antibodies
What is the etiology?
autoimmune response with a hereditary dispostiion.
What are the signs and symptoms?
bone marrow involvement, butterfly rash, vaculitis, endocarditis, excerbations and remissions
What is the treatment and nursing care?
glucocorticoids, nsaids, avoid uv light
What are the types of malignant lesions?
verrucase (warts) caused by a virus.
Pigmented nevi
What types of plastic surgery are there?
heterografts-other species
split thickness
epidermis and part of dermis
full thickness
epidermis and all dermis
pedicle graft
skin and succutaneous tissues with one end still attached to donor site
scraping sandpapering of superficial skin
Nursing care of plastic surgery
no pressure to area.
protect from injury and sun exposure.
no washing until crust falls off.
special dressing 1st 24 hours