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Diagnotic Tests and Procedures

Radiological Testing
X-Ray: density and alignment.

CT-Scan-soft tissues & bone/tumors
Other Non-invasive Testing Procedures
MRI-magnetic energy. non-invasive. more definative than other means.
Bone densitometer: bone mineral density.
Surgical procedure used to view interior of joint.
Bone Biopsy
Determines presence of cancer
surgical puncture of joint
to put a hole in something and take out fluid
Orthopedic Surgery and Nursing
Pre-op care
Psycological support/questions of disability/deformity
Post-Op care
Physical care: aseptic surgical scrub,
clip hair, sterile wrap. anti-coag(heparin).
Bed prep, ice bags, cryocuff,pillows.
Post-Op care
Compare to good extremity. Circulation, motion, and sensation.
5 P's to assess
Pain. Pulses. Parasthesia. Pallor. Paralysis.
Post-Op pain control
Toradol/ anti-inflammatory
Types of Activity Limitations
Abduction pillow
Weight Bearing
Turning, postitioning
Toilet seat extender
Rehabilitation: Types
Rehabilitation Center
Skilled nursing facility SNF)
TCU-tratitional care hospital
HHC-home health care