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How does greater financial support provided through public and private health insurance programs affect nursing demands?
it increases the demand for nursing care, since those who could not afford care in the past are using it now
How does the health care industry shifting attention from inpatient to outpatient care affect nurses?
more nurses are being employed in community-based health settings
Consumer knowledge and the positive public concept of health care have had what affect on nursing as a whole?
an increase in the demand for nursing services, including well-care
What are some examples of changes in family structures that are influencing the need for and provision of nursing services?
- different families (single parents, both parents working, etc.)
- grown children living great distances from parents
- Adolescent mothers
Advances in science and technology have had what effect in the field of nursing.
- drug therapies are extending life
- nurses need to continue education
- nurses may need to be highly specialized
What act requires that every competent adult be informed in writing on admission to a health care institution about his or her rights to accept or refuse medical care and use advance directives?
Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA)
The proportion of elderly people has increased in the US, along with general population increases. How does this affect nursing?
The need for nursing services increase
The population in the US is shifting from rural to urban settings. How does this affect nursing specifically?
- there is an increased need for nursing related to problems caused by pollutions and by the the effects on the environment
- more nurses needed in urban settings
What are 6 factors affecting the nursing shortage?
- aging nurse workforce
- aging of nursing faculty
- reduced entry of younger people into nursing
- aging population
- increases demand for nurses
- workplace issues

(see box 1-5 pg 20 for details)
A nurse joins a labor organization to voice concerns over the issue of client safety. What is this an example of?
collective bargaining
What is the importance of nursing leaders obtaining positions of authority in government and the formation of groups such as ANA-PAC (American Nurses Association - Political Action Committee)?
To exert ongoing political influence