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state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not merely absense of disease
personal health is up to
individual values and personal expectations
what is the nurses role so individuals can make informed choices to improve health?
foster awareness, identify attitudes
a subjective perceptionof a good and satisfactory existence in which the individual has a positive experience of personal abilites harmony and vitality
well being
wellness goals are
illness prevention includes
immunizations and education
defines health as complete, physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absense of disease
WHO world health org
interaction of mind body spirit
people are viewed as
ever changing systems of energy
key to wellness
self awareness
participation in care gives the client a greater feeling of independence and control
self worth
involves the client, affects self esteem, client decides what would be best for them
informed choices
population health focuses on:
group rather then individual
heredity or genetic predisposition to a specific illness raises known health risks
influence the health status of families, individuals, and communities
social network
community health assessment commonly uses statistics and data to compare community needs with available services
low birth weight
life expectancy
identify reasons for non compliance, demonstrate caring, use positive reinforcement, use aids to reinforce teaching, establish therapeutic relationship
ways nurses can enhance healthcare compliance
health promotion gives an individual a sense of
self control
the primary level of prevention
health promotion
the seconday level of prevention
health maintenence
the tertiary level of prevention
health restoration
identify four risk factors to prevent disease
genetic/physiological factors
symptoms appear abruptly, are intense, lasts short period of time
acute illness
persists longer then 6 months
chronic illness
leading rold of nursing is to help client:
adapt lifestyle to his/her chronic illness
advocate, case manager, consultant, provider of services, educator, researcher
nurses role in health promotion
traditional western medicine
allopathic medicine
complimentary or alternative medicine therapies (CAM)
therapies used in addition to conventional treatment recommended by the person's health care provider
acupuncture, massage and chiropractor are examples of
may include the same interventions as complementary therapies but frequently becomes the primary treatmentmodality that replaces allopathic medical care
rhythmic breathing, calm peaceful atmospher, decrease hr, rr and o2 consumption
relaxation therapy
positive visualization techniques used to evoke physical changes in the body
a group of therapeutic procedures that use electronic or electromechanical instruments to measure process and provide info to clients about their neuromuscular and autonomic nervous system actively
induces hypnotic state during which posthypnotic suggestions are implanted to correc or change behavior
any activity that limits stimulus input by directing attn to signle, unchanging repetative stimuli. relaxes the body, calms mind
practicioners hands can be placed on the body of the client diagnosing areas of accumulated tension
therapeutic touch
focus is on restoring the structural function imbalances that may occur in the body
chiropractic therapy
studies have shown it stimulates wbcs and may improve immune functioning
massage therapy
channels of energy that run in regular patterns through the body
an obstruction in the movement of these energy lines is thought to lead to disease
therapy in which needles are inserted into accupoints along the energy channel of meridians and influence the flow of QI
tongue provides info about internal organ
believes pulses provide info about qi
oldest form of medicine is:
herbal therapies
how many plant species are used thru out world
there is a possible contamination with pesticides and other toxins with
herbal therapies
concentration of active ingrediants vary
herbal therapies
no strict quality control, not regulated
herbal therapies
should be used with caution in combination of other drugs and pregnant women
herbal therapies
one of the most important roles for nurses working in any health care setting
client education
three primary purposes for client education: ***
maintenance and promotion of health and illness prevention

restoration of health

coping with impaired functioning