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A written health history is both a _______________ and a ____________________.
Legal document
Source of Communication
What are the first 5 characteristics of a chief complaint?
1. Location
2. Radiation
3. Quality
4. Quantity
5. Associated manifestations
What are the second 5 characteristics of a chief complaint?
6. Aggravating Factors
7. Alleviating Factors
8. Setting
9. Timing
10. Meaning & Impact
Severity, volume, number or extent of chief complaint.
They way the pain feels.
Pain that is spreading from original part and travels somewhere else.
Primary area where symptoms occur or originated.
What other factors come with chief complaint is called....
Associated Manifestations
To gain this information, you may ask, "What are you doing when this is happening?"
There are three parts to the timing aspect of the chief complaint. What are they?
1. Onset - when did it start?
2. Duration - continuous or intermitten how long be specific, miin, hrs, days, month
3. Frequency - # of times it happens...
The Past Health History includes both:
1. Medical History
2. Past Surgical History
What are the seven characteristics of a nurse - client relationship?
1. Caring
2. empathy
3. understanding
4. unconditional positive regard
5. trust
6. confidentiality
7. advocacy
What is the acronym to remember the 7 characteristics of the nurse client relationship?
The nurse - client relationship is ___________ and ___________.
Goal directed and purposeful
What are the three phases of the nurse client relationship.
Orientation Phase
Working Phase
Termination Phase
What do you have to have in order to be in the working phase?
You have to identify a problem to be in this stage.
In this stage, client may try out new behaviors and mild anxiety can be a useful motivator for change.
Working Phase
In this phase, client's anxiety may increase.
Both in orientation and termination phase
In this phase, the client will demonatrate testing behaviors.
Orientation Phase
In this phase, the client will demonstrate flight into health, regression, increased testing avoidance or withdrawl or denial.
Termination Phase.
Communication is in response to....
some need an individual is experiencing. Whether or not the individual is aware of the need, defines the need accurately and makes a decision to get the need met, will affect how the need is communicated.
Berlo's model -

THIS is the need for information, comfort, advice, etc...
Berlo's model -

THIS is where the stimulus goes to..
The sender (receives the stimulus)
Berlo's Model -

THIS is what the sender does to the stimulus.
Berlo's Model -

The message that the sender sends, is affected, how?
It is influenced by transmission quality.
Berlo's Model -

THIS is who receives the message.
RECEIVER or person receiving message
Berlo's Model -

What happens to the message that the person receives?
It was already influenced by transmission quality before the receiver got it, but now it is evaluated through personal filters: goals agends bias relationships, experience, culture, mood, value system, knowledge, gender, environment
Berlo's Model -

When the receiver becomes the sender, what is this step called?
Formulation of Feedback
Berlo's Model -

When the formulation of feedback is happening, what is the receiver doing?
agreeing with message
disagreeing with message
requesting information
providing information

either: verbally
non verbally
both verbally and non verbally
Berlo's Model -

When the sender sends a message, what happens to it first?
The stimulus is filtered through personal factors, just like the receiver who got the message did when it came in.
Berlo's Model could also be called the operational _______ _______ _____.
definition of communication
Berlo's model -

When the message is influenced by transmission quality, what is happening?
The amoung of input of stimulus or clarity of input or relevance of input is all influencing the transmission quality.
Berlo's Model -

Between message and receiver, what is the step called?
Berlo's Model -

What is the first step? What is the last step?

Who is the person that created the phases of a nurse client relationship?
Hildegard Peplau 1952...changed nursing into relationship nursing
Put the distances in order from smallest to largest.
intimate 1.5 ft
personal 1.5 to 4 ft
social 4 to 12 ft.
public 12 ft plus

**on test
What is the only phase that requires touching/physical contact?
Personal space can have touching, but what stage should you do your interview in?
social space
What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?
Empathy is that you don't share the same feeling but you can look at it from their own perspective.

sympathy is when you share that same feeling
What is unconditional positive regard?
When someone loves us no matter what. it implies respect and caring. It also implies that they have the potential to move forward. it is communicated both verbally and non verbally
What is necessary to build to lower anxiety?
What is necessary to build to build trust?