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What is panhypopituitarism (simmond's disease)
atrophy of the pituitary gland due to insufficiency
What are some of the causes of panhypoppituitaism
tumor, infection, necrosis, CVA
Panhypopituitarism leads to hypofunction of what systems
gonads, adrenals, thyroid
What are some S/S of panhypopituitarism
cachexia, hair loss, impotence/amenorrhea, atrophy genitals, decreased metabolic rate, premature aging
What is the treatment for panhypopituitarism
hormone replacment of glucocrorticoids, T3/T4, and surgery if cause is a tumor
What is acromegaly
hypersecretion of growth hormone in adult
What are some S/S of acromgaly
Thickening of bones, hypertophy of soft tissue, headach, joint pain, increase of BP
What is the treatment of acromgaly
removal of tumor, lifestyle changes in caring for increase risk of BP and CHF
What is diabetes Insipidus
insufficient amounts of ADH which causes a lack of H2O absorbtion in the body
What are the S/S of diabetes Insipidus
Increase urination, Increase thirst, anorexia, weak and dehydration
What is the treatment for diabetes insipidus
Medication treatment of vasopressin to increase the aborbtion of H2O
What is the nursing care for someone with Diabetes insipidus
Teach med use, I/O, Fall risk due to low blood volume, hydration