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1-2 Kingdom Preview
3-7 God's reign enunciated
8-10 God's reign enacted
11-13 God's reign explained
14-18 God's reign on earth
19-25 God's reign at the end
26-28 Kingdom passion
1:1-13 The good news about God's Son
1:14-ch9 Ministry of God's Son in Galilee of the Gentiles
10-16 Power of God's Son over enemies and death in Jerusalem
1:1-4 Luke's Prologue
1:5-4:13 Setting the stage for fulfillment
4:14-ch8 Jesus proclaims salvation in the Spirit's power
9-19 Jesus' proclamation divides Israel
20-24 Jesus arrives at his destiny in Jerusalem
1:1-18 Prologue
1:19-ch12 The Book of Signs
13-20 The Book of Glory
21 Epilogue
1-2 Holy Spirit comes and empowers apostolic witness
3-7 Apostolic witness in Jerusalem
8-12 Apostolic witness in Judea and Samaria
13-28 Apostolic witness to the ends of the earth
1:1-17 Introduction and the gospel of God's righteousness
1:18-3:20 God's righteousness reveals the sinfulness of Jews and Gentiles
3:21-ch8 God's righteousness reveals salvation for both Jews and Gentiles
9-11 God's righteousness reveals the inter-connected relationship between Jews and Gentiles
12-16 Right worship and future ministry demands reconciled relationships
1 Corinthians
1:1-9 Greetings and thanksgivings
1:10-ch6 Paul's response to the troubles and divisions reported by Chloe's house
7-15 Paul's response to the concerns in the Corinthians' letter
16 Paul's concern for the collection and final thoughts
2 Corinthians
1:1-11 Greetings and thanksgiving
1:12-ch7 Paul's ministry of reconciliation
8-9 Plea for Corinthian contribution to the collection
10-13 Paul's defense against false apostles
1:1-10 Greetings and Problem of false gospel
1:11-ch2 Proofs of the true gospel in Paul
3-4 Proofs of the true gospel from Scripture and experience
5-6 Practical implications of the true gospel
1-3 Praise, prayer, and proclamation of Christ's love and power in the Church
4-6 Exhortation to live in Christ's love and power as the Church
1:1-11 Partners in the gospel
1:12-ch2 Advancing the gospel despite the ambitious
3-4:1 Advancing the gospel despite legalism and licentiousness
4:2-23 Final exhortation and thanksgiving for his partners
1:1-14 Praise and prayer for the fruit bearing gospel in them
1:15-ch2 Christ's supremacy and sufficiency
3-4 The lives of those "in Christ" show his death and resurrection
1 Thessalonians
1-3 Paul's concern for the Thessalonians
4-5:22 Exhortation as the day of the Lord approaches
5:23-28 Conclusion and blessing
2 Thessalonians
1-2 Correction and prayers for faithfulness until Jesus returns
3:1-15 Exhortation to faithful work
3:16-18 Refutation of false teaching ascribed to Paul
1 Timothy
1 Greeting and charge to Timothy
2-3 Congregational regulations for worship and rule
4-6:2 Instruction for Timothy's teaching and ministry
6:3-19 False teaching and financial gain
6:20-21 Final charge to Timothy
2 Timothy
1-2:13 Remain faithful despite hardship
2:14-26 Warnings against false teachers and charge to Timothy
3:1-9 Godlessness in the last days
3:10-17 Resources for godliness
4:1-5 Charge to preach the word
4:6-22 Paul's final testimony and requests
1:1-4 Greetings
1:5-16 Qualifications for elders
2-3 Basis and Responsibilities for Christian living
1-2 The final revelation of God through his Son
3-5:10 The prophetic and priestly character of God's Son
5:11-ch10 The perfectly priestly sacrifice of God's Son
11-12 Persevering faith
13 Instructions for Christian life in a hostile world
1-3:12 Wisdom from God when tested
3:13-5:6 Wisdom from God for fragmented relationships
5:7-20 Examples of wisdom
1 Peter
1-3 Suffering with a sure salvation
4 Serving the household of God
5 Shepherd, submit, and suffer faithfully
2 Peter
1 Make your calling and election sure
2 False teachers using grace as license
3 Awaiting the Day of the Lord
1 John
1:1-4 The Word of Life
1:5-10 Denying sin contradicts the Word of Life
2-5:5 Tests for having the Word of Life
5:6-12 Water, Spirit, and Blood testify to Jesus
5:13-21 Assurance of eternal life
1 John's vision of Christ the King, Priest, and Judge
2-3 Seven letters to seven churches
4-22:5 John's heavenly visions
22:6-21 Come Lord Jesus