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I. Beginnings (roots) (1-4),
II. Ministry (5-20),
III. Rejection/Passion (21-27),
IV. Resurrection (28)
I. Sent to Serve, (1 -10),
A. Beginning/Roots (1:1-13),
B. Ministry (1:14-10),
II. Sent to save (11-16),
A. Rejection (11-15),
B. Resurrection (16)
I. The Birth of the Son of Man (1-3),
II. The Ministry of the Son of Man (4-19),
III. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Son of Man (20 - 24),
I. The Public Ministry of Jesus (1-12),
II. The Private Ministry of Jesus (13-17),
III. The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus (18-21),
I. Jerusalem (1-7), (Establishment of the church, ca. 3 years, START,
II, Judea and Samaria (9-12), (Extension of the church), ca. 11 years, SCATTER,
III. Ends of the earth (13-28), Expansion of the church), ca. 18 years, SEND
I. Revelation of God’s righteousness, (1-8), Doctrinal (Salvation),
II. Vindication of God’s righteousness, (9-11), Dispensational (Sovereignty),
III. Application of God’s righteousness, (12-16), Directional (Service)
1 Corinthians
I. Character: Paul’s Explanation Of His Ministry (1-7),
II. Collection: Paul’s Collection For the Saints (8-9),
III. Credential: Paul’s Defense Of His Apostleship (10-13)
2 Corinthians
I. Character: Paul's explanation of His Ministry, (l - 7),
II. Collection: Paul's Collection for the Saints, (8 - 9),
III. Credentials: Paul’s Defense of His Apostleship, (10-13) ,
I. Justification by faith defended, (1-2), Historical/Personal,
II. Justification by faith explained, (3-4), Doctrinal,
III. Justification by faith applied, (5-6), Practical,
I. Christian Position, (1-3), Doctrine,
II. Christian Practice, (4-6), Duties,
I. Partakers with Christ, (1), Experience,
II. People of Christ, (2), Example,
III. Pursuit of Christ, (3), Explanation,
IV. Power of Christ, (4), Exhortation
I. Supremacy of Christ, (1-2), Sufficient in doctrine,
II. Submission to Christ, (3-4), Sufficient for following/obedience,
1 Thessalonians
I. Personal experience, (1-3), Biographical,
II. Practical exhortation, (4-5), Pastoral,
2 Thessalonians
I. Encouragement in Persecution, (1),
II. Explanation of the Day of the Lord, (2),
III. Exhortations to Readiness, (3),
1 Timothy
I. For Timothy, (1-3),
A. Directions concerning false Doctrine,
B. Directions concerning Worship,
C. Directions concerning Leadership,
II. For Timothy to the Church, (4-6),
A. Directions concerning Dangers/Doctrine,
B. Directions concerning Different Groups,
C. Directions concerning pastoral Duties,
2 Timothy
I. Instructions for Spiritual Combat, (1-3),
II. Commission to Spiritual Combat, (4)
I. Leadership, (1),
II. Congregation, (2),
III. Lifestyle, (3),
I. Prayer, (1-7),
II. Petition, (8-16),
III. Promise, (17-25),
I. Superiority of Christ's Person, (1-10:18),
II. Superiority of the Christian's Walk, (10:19-13),
1. Trials, 1:2-12,
2. Temptations, 1:13-18,
3. Tempers, 1:19-20,
4. True Religion, 1:21-27,
5. Favoritism, 2:1-13,
6. Faith/Works, 2:14-26,
7. Words, 3:1-12,
8. Wisdom, 3:13-18,
9. Battles, 4:1-12,
10. Boasts, 4:13-17,
11. Riches, 5:1-6,
12. Responses, 5:7-13,
13. Repentance, 5:14-20,
1 Peter
I. Salvation of the Believer, (1:1-2:12),
II. Submission of the Believer, (2:13-3:12),
III. Suffering of the Believer, (3:13-5:14),
2 Peter
I. Cultivation of Christian Character, (1),
II. Condemnation of False Teachers, (2),
III. Confidence of Christ's Return, (3),
1 John
I. Introduction of Eternal Life, (1:1-4),
II. Conditions for Eternal Life, (1:5-2:2),
III. Characteristics of Eternal Life, (2:3-4:21),
IV. Consequences of Eternal Life, (5),
2 John
I. Walk in Truth, (1-4),
II. Walk in Love, (5-8),
III. Walk in Obedience, (9-13),
3 John
I. The commendation of Gaius, (1-8),
II. The Condemnation of Diotrophes, (9-14),
I. Introduction, (1-4),
II. Anatomy of apostasy, (5-16),
III. Antidote for apostasy, (17-23),
IV. Benediction, (24-25),
I. Jesus Christ, (1),
II. Churches, (2-3),
III. Preparation for Tribulation, (4-5), (Heavenly scene),
IV. Tribulation, (6-18),
V. Second Coming, (19),
VI. Millennium, (20),
VII. Eternal State, (21-22),