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This kind of sampling is when subjects are not randomly chosen but are selected
nonprobability sampling
This type of sampling uses methods to fill one or more groups w/predetermined # of subjects w/ particular characteristics.
quota sampling
Generalizability can be limited by sampling
_____& ______?
bias & error
Chosing the subjects from a list like a phone book & picking every 100th person is an example of?
systematic sampling
A large sample size w/poor design & data collection procedures can inflate error & bias? True or False
Each subject selects the name of other potential subjects
snowball sampling
to reduce type II errors and to calculate the exact number of subject you should use what stat procedure?
power analysis
The number of subject in a study?
sample size
A technique used to construct a comparison group by filling with subjects who have similiar characteristics
A researcher is looking for certain characteristics of pts who live in a certain area who require certain care and would use this to select his subjects
stratified random sampling