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Bleeding between dura mater and arachnoid layer of meningeal covering of brain
subdural hematoma
autonomic dysreflexia
spinal cord injury at t6
IV methylprednisone 1st 24 hours after spinal cord injury-why?
decrease spinal cord edema and increase nerve impulse conduction
passive acquired immunity
mother to newborn
acquired immunity
receiving immunization
Normal synovial fluid appearance
clear straw color
indicating parkinson's pt has developed dyskinesia
lip smacking
left hemispheric stoke nursing dx
impaired verbal communication related to aphasia
lab to confirm fat embolism
inflammatory response caused by vasodilation and hyperemia
redness (rubor)
primary goals to orthopedic surgery
pain relief
tissue perfusion
improved mobility
babinski reflex
toes fan out and draw together
hypovolemia in burns caused by
capillary permeabilit causing fluid shift to interstitium
inflammatory exudate made of WBCs, microorganisms, liquified dead cells, other debris
purulent exudate (pus)
inflammatory exudate made of mucus producing cells
catarrhal exudate
post skin graft care to prevent hypertrophic scarring
pressure garments worn up to 18 months
rare progressive neurologic disorder characterized by loss of motor neurons
amytrophic lateral sclerosis
post skin graft 3-5th day expectations
should take on pink appearance if it has taken
chronic progressive degenerative disorder of CNS characterized by disseminated demyelination of nerve fibers of brain and spinal cord
mult. sclerosis
isometric exercised for cast pt- why
maintain muscle tone
BLACK WOUND characteristics and therapy
BLACK, BROWN, OR GRAY necrotic tissue
tx- debridement
red wound characteristics and dressings
traumatic or surgical wound granulation tissue
tegaderm, hydrocolloid dsg
tertiary intention healing
delayed closure. ususally due to infection
Most common organism related to epiglottitis
neoplastic cells infiltrate bone marrow and destroy bone
mult. myeloma
autoimmune process in which antibodies attack ACh receptors
myasthenia gravis
unable to recognize or interpret objects
serum test specific for SLE
antisamarium antibody
1st sign of smoke inhalation
most common primary malignant neoplasms of bone and soft tissue
ewings sarcoma
Which virus causes mononucleosis?
Epstein barr
Most likely tx for guillain barre in 1st 2 weeks
trigeminal neuro assessment
corneal reflex
part of brain receiveing for sensory nerves
H. Pylori regimen
amoxicillin, biaxin, prilosec
Cogard for CAD- why?
decreases heart rate, bp, and chest pain
amytrophic lateral sclerosis manifestations
muscle weakness and wasting
indication of intraperitoneal injury c MVA
abdominal rigidity and diminished bowel sounds
Myasthenia gravis dx confirmed by what test
Anticholinergic medication action
bronchial dilation
dries secretions
NSAID effect on stomach mucosal barrier
decreases prostaglandins the decrease acid secretion in the stomach
Important to monitor for what after electrical burn?
heart arrythmias
1st sign of measles
koplik spots
DTaP schedule
2 mo, 4mo, 6mo, 4-6yrs
hypotesion, decreased heart rate, warm dry extremities after a cervical or high thoracic injury is indicative of what
neurogenic shock
DM 2 affect on wound healing
decreased o2, decreased collagen synthesis, retards new capillary growth
Gram neg sepsis onset
vasodilation, HTN, anxiety, increased heart rate
skin graft immediate nursing care
maintain bulky occlusive dsgs
ankle and foot burn position
elevated to prevent edema
deficiency of ACh and GABA
huntingtons disease
type of dsg for yellow wound
MMR schedule
12mo and 4-6yrs
initial phase of primary intention healing
3-5 days, fibrin clot forms
increasing accumulation of fluid in the extravascular spaces
cerebral edema
closed method burn care
dsg change tid
infectionof any part of nervous system by treponema pallidum as a result of untreated STD
alleviations for post lumbar puncture
bed rest, hydration, analgesics
paroxysmal uncontrolled electrial d/c of neurons that interrupts
serial xray of intracranial and extracranial blood vessels to detect vascular lesions and tumors of the brain
cerebral angiogram
what causes chorea
overproduction of dopamine causing involuntary movements
antidote of lead
2 ABX you do not use in children
tetracycline and chlormephenicol
vertebrobasilar artery stoke will result in what
salysicate poisoning s/sx
hyperventilation, ketosis, metabolic acidosis
Magnesium alterations
Abducens nerve problem
rash assoc. c Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever starts where?
palms and soles
bed position for pt c hip dysplagia
shoulders above buttocks
initial skin coloring following carbon monoxide poisoning
cherry red
when taking dilantin, pt should increase ingestion of what
untreated otitis media can lead to...
conduction deafness
herniation of the lining of membrane that lines the bowel
complication of untreated pharyngitis
fluid and electrolyte probllems assoc c ulcerative colitis exacerbation
metabolic acidosis and fluid volume deficit
action of fosmax
inhibits osteoclastic bone resorption, increases bone density and mass
lead poisoning causes what?
adults-HTN, infertility, decreased concentration, nerve d/o, muscle/joint pain, irritability
child-anemia, brain damage
inflammation of the femoral head, possibly due to a loss of blood supply
legge-calve-perthes disease
movement towards a higher concentration of specific chemical
defervescence febrile response
24-48 hours post surg, s/sx ards, chest pain, ^hr, cyanosis, petechiae on ant cheast wall, apprehensive, ^resp ST segment changes on EKG
fat embolism
epipheseal plate fx concern
growth retardation
PCV immunization schedule
2mo, 4mo, 6mo
direct result of surgical remonal of a lg portion of stomach and pyloric sphincter
dumping syndrome
chronis nonspecific inflammatory bowel disorder of unknown origin affecting any part of GI tract, more often in jewish populations
crohns disease
HIB immunization schedule
2mo, 4mo, 6mo
periorbital edema, ecchymosis rhinorrhea is considered what sign?
racoon eyes
3 ways to describe a skull fx
1. closed or open
2. simple or compund
3. linear or depressed
reational for elastic pressure garment for 18 months after skin graft
to prevent hypertrophic scarring
therapeutic action of AZT
inhibits or slows replication of virus
otorrhea c postauricular ecchymosis is considered what sign?
battle's sign
blood coalesces in center yellowish ring encircles blood. what sign is this?
halo sign
Med to treat strep
pen vee k or emycin
facial burn concerns
respiratory function
head and neck burn positioning
pillow under shoulders only for hyperextension of neck
refers to any of the hormones synthesized by the adrenal cortex
deformity resulting in lateral curvature of the spine
resistance of movement of muscle or joint as a result of fibrosis of supporting soft tissues
hallmark symptom of UTI
what element ^ muscle spasms and delays healing
position pt should be in when having a seizure
caused by several viruses marburg, lassa, junin, ebola
carried by mosquitoes and rodents
hemorrhagic fever
white curdlike lesions surroundes by erythematous mucosa
med used to decrease intracranial pressure
which organism causes rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthrits
strep ab
bucks traction benefit
decreases muscle spasms
kawasaki pt superficial layers of skin easily...
legionares disease s/sx
fever, pneumonia of CXR, liver and kidneys decrease function
healing diet
vit c. protein, iron
gasoline ingestion measures
do not induce vomiting or use gastric lavage. no activated charcoal
catharsis c mag and na+ sulfate is acceptable
rubella vaccine is contraindicated in pt c allergy to what?
gastric mucosa not secreting intrinsic factor
pernicious anemia
can cause parotitis
orchitis in postpubertal males
^ in uric acid prod, monosodium urate crystals occur in articular and subq tissues
immunoglobulin acquired at birth
antidote for digoxin
cerebrospinal infection considered medical emergency
bacterial meningitis
most common complication of AIDS
pneumocyctis carnii pneumonia
most common primary malignant neoplasms of bone and soft tissue
ewings sarcoma
mult rib fx causing instability of chest wall preventing adequate ventilation
flail chest