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What is associated with preeclampsia
HTN, proteinuria, edema (common in many women)
What is eclampsia
What is hyperemesis gravidarum
severe morning sickness that goes into the second
What are the torch infections and what do the do
Other (Syphillis, HPV, HPV, varicella-zoster etc.)
Herpes Simplex
They are tartogenic
How does placenta previa present
Bright red blood without pain
How does placenta abruption present
bright red blood with pain and a still closed OS
how does a inevitable abortion present in early pregnancy
bright red blood dilated OS with pain most likely
When does suction curettage need to be performed in the case of spontaneous abortion
before 20 weeks - it should be followed with antibiotics to ensure not infection
What % of pregnant women report bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy
about 25% - 1/2 resolve and pregnancy is normal
What are the 3 Cs of Measles
Cough, coryza and conjunctivitis present with a fever
Fever that rapidly resolves then a pink lacy rash on trunk and possibly extremities seen in infants
Roseola infantum - fever is a phantom and disappears and occurs in infants
Btw roseola and rubella which is more dangerous to a pregnant mother
Rubella b/c it can cause birth defects if the mother contracts it durring pregnancy