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Do you need to wear gloves when performing acupuncture as a means for protection of the public and the Registrant?
No, unless there is a reasonable possibility of coming into contact with body fluids.
How do you create a clean field?
lay out clean paper on a work surface in the treatment room. Sharps/biohazard waste containers are located in each room, but do not come in contact with the clean field.
What is allowed on the clean field?
sterile disposable needles, alcohol swabs and/or 70% isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs
How do you prepare a patient before acupuncture treatment?
place the patient in a comfortable position, instruct patient not to move & properly drape the patient. Make sure the skin is intact, and clean the area with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use a new swab for each region of the body.
What's the appropriate clean needle technique?
do not touch the shaft of the needle. only use non-expired needles, check each needle for visible flaws or defects; you can use the same tube to mark the points on one patient; when withdrawing the needle, don't press down at insertion site; a clean cotton swab is used to protect from body fluids. it is recommended to use gloves with withdrawing the needle; biohazard container is within reach to dispose needles immediately after patient use
What do you do if your patient faints while having acupuncture needles?
remove needles immediately and the patient is allowed to lie flat with head slightly lowered. Allow patient to recover on his/her time unless signs of distress are evident. You may needle or moxa recovery points and/or may use smelling salts. If patient doesn't recover in appropriate time, emergency protocol is followed.
What do you do if the acupuncture needle is stuck in your patient?
Ask the patient to relax their muscles, then massage around the point. If still stuck, insert another needle nearby to relax the muscle.
What if the acupuncture needle breaks inside your patient?
Patient is to remain still; remove with forceps if needle is exposed; try to expose the needle by pressing gently around the site and then removed by forceps; if the needle is completely under the skin ask the patient not to move and call 911.
What are the procedures in the event of a needle stick injury?
bleeding is encouraged from all sharps injuries; wound is washed well with soap and warm water; both parties proceed immediately to the nearest hospital emergency room; if gloves were worn they are taken the emergency room; both parties are with informed conset tested for HIV, HBV and HCV. The injured person may be offered meds such as Hep B vaccine, Hep B immune globulin and triple therapy for post-exposure prophylaxis against HIV. Most effective if administered less than 2 hours from injury.

The registrant writes an incident report documenting the date and time of injury, result of all medical tests administered and names of any medications given. Keep a copy in patient file and a copy in a master incident report file.
What are the contraindications for the use of electrical stimulation in acupuncture?
pacemakers or other electronic implants

Do not apply from one side of the chest across to the other side of the chest (front to back or side to side) in the region of the heart.
What are the absolute contraindications for the use of moxa?
when a patient is hot or febrile, hypertension (esp on the head and neck), directly on the face, breasts or over large blood vessels and tendons
What are relative contraindications for the use of moxa?
abdominal area in pregnancy, patients with diabetes, if the patient has decreased temperature sensations