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You can purge the server from ...
the server or a worksation
UIMPORT is needed for what thing?
Importing user (need two files: .CTl and .DAT) in order to create many accounts with batch maner
In-place uprade can upgrade netware client in the same computer
No. In-place upgrade is used to upgrade a server
Two users with the same name can be found in the NDS
Yes - In two different containers
The complete graphical tool for administration is ...
Netware Administrator
A secondary server can provide the time to another secondary server (T/F)
NDPS is used for ...
A- Directory
B- Printing
C- Netware Core
D- Service
eDirectory is NDS
Improved NDS
eDirectory can be installed only on a Netware Server
Two primary server can co-exit
One can be Primary and the other Secondary
I want to install a server without NDS. How can I do?
It is impossible
CN stands for ...
Commun Name
The default administrator name is ...
NTP is used for:
A- Time
C- Synchronisation
D- Transmission
E- Permission
F- Netware Core
In the NDS, a container can contain another container (T/F)
The command CAPTURE /all shows ...
all user's printers mapping from a worstation
What is the purpose of the NAL
To launch user's application on desktop
PURGE /ALL can do what?
empty the Netware recycle bin
You can not use a netware server without a netware client. (T/F)
Do you lunch a microsoft word on a netware server?
No, Netware used a dedicated server