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Which version of NetWare stored user accounts in a flat file database?
NetWare 3.12
Which version of Netware introduced logging into a tree as opposed to a server?
NetWare 4
Which services are considered the Productivity -Enhancing Services in NetWare 6.5?
eDirectory, File Versioning, iPrint, eGuide, iFolder, Virtual Teams, Novell Storage Services NSS, and support for native file protocols for Macs, Unix, Linux and Windows
An eDirectory object consists of categories of information called _________ that can be recorded about the object.
AFter DOS loads, the program you run from C:\NWSERVER is: ____________
Which server platforms will not run with NetWare 6.5? (2)
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Professional
What is the minimum amount of RAM reqauired to install NetWare 6.5? (in MB)
512 MB
A typical worktation installation of the Novell Client installs the Novell Client for Windows, NDPS, ZENworks App Launcher and ___________________
NOvell Wrokstation Manager
Which contatiner object allows you to specify tasks that users are authorized to perform?
RBS Role Based Services
The Novell Client functions with which protocols installed on a network?
IP only
IPX only
IP and IPX
IP with IPX compatibility
The eDirectory tree is a hierarchial structure that stores the tree object, container objects, and ___________
leaf objects
What are the boot files that DR-DOS uses?
What are the boot files that MS-DOS uses?
What are the 5 open source applications that come with NetWare 6.5?
What is the recommended DOS partition size?
Minimum size?
1 GB

MIN= 500 MB