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What is a noun?
It names a person, place, thing, idea, quality, or action.
Margaret, Texas, knuckles, nature, beauty, beginning
What is a common noun?
It is general names, common to an entire group.
motor, tree, time, chicken
What is a proper noun?
It names specific, one-of-a-kind things.
Bradbury, Eastern Standard Time, Maine
What is a concrete noun?
It names things that can be perceived by the senses
stadium, jacket, St. Louis, Wrigley Field
What is an abstract noun?
It names things that cannot be observed by the senses.
intelligence, fear, joy, loneliness
What is a compound noun?
It is formed from two or more words but express a single idea. They are written as single words, as separate words, or with hyphens.
sunshine, call waiting, job-sharing
What is a collective noun?
It is singular nouns that refer to groups of people or things.
army, flock, class, species
What is a possessive noun?
It shows who or what owns something.
Lily's, women's, Johnsons'