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what was the Industrial Revoltion powered by?
What places were developed for work for the Industrial Revolution?
What were the 2 key inventions of the Industrial Revolution?
spinning jenny and steam engine
Who is the first nation to industrialize?
Great Britain
What now help transport goods from the manufacturer to the factory?
What are the poor people now able to have more of now that cloth is cheaper?
clothes, even underwear
What is the principle of legitimacy?
putting original dynasties back in power in Europe
What meeting did the principles of legitimacy and intervention guide? What date?
Congress of Vienna, 1848
what is the principle of intervention?
other countries in Europe can step in and restore original king in a country that has a rebellion
Was the Congress of Vienna conservative or liberal?
CONSERVATIVE (we like things the way they are)
What does liberalism want?
Freedom and civil liberties
Define libertarianism.
the government that governs best is the government that governs least
Define nationalism.
unique cultural identity of a people group, we should all be ruled by one government that is like us. "I'm proud that I am ___."
Define autonomy.
self governance within an empire
Define sovreignty.
independent, not part of a country
What did Edmund Burke write?
"Reflections on the Revoltion in France"
What 3 countries were in the Holy Alliance?
Austria, Prussia, Russia
What Czar of Russia prompted the Holy Alliance?
Alexander I
What area was known as the "sick man of Europe"?
Ottoman Empire
Who invaded the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War?
Who was a British nurse during the Crimean War?
Florence Nightingale
What 2 men helped unify Italy?
Cavour and Garibaldi
What man helps unify Germany?
Otto von Bismarck
Hungary now equal part with Austria (AUSTRIA-HUNGARY)
Who rebuilt Paris?
Emperor Napoleon III (Louis Napoleon)
Authors in Romanticism?
Coleridge, Wordsworth Shelley, Byron, Keats
Who was forerunner of Gothic literature?
Edgar Allen Poe
Painters in Romanticism?
Constable, Delacroix
Musician in Romanticism?
Romantic philosopher?
What was Hegel's idea?
thesis-antithesis-synthesis; Hegelian dialetic
What did Romantic Alexander Dumas write?
Count of Monte Cristo, 3 Musketeers
What Romantic wrote "Les Miserables"?
Victor Hugo
What Romantic wrote "Faust"?
Who invented the the first electric generator?
Michael Faraday
Who was known as the father of bacteriology?
Louis Pasteur
What was Darwin's theory called?
natural selection
Name two realist writers.
Dickens, Flaubert
Name a realist painter and name a painting of his.
Courbet- "The Stonebreakers"