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native of NC

added more lan to the US than any other pres by starting a war with Mexico
James K. Polk
1st pres. to be impeached

criticized Radical Republicans who wanted to punish the S. for starting the Civil War
Andrew Johnson
Iranian hostage crisis, energy crisis; returned the Panama Canal to the Panamanians; Camp David Peace Accords b/w Egypt and Israel
Jimmy Carter
Purchades Louisiana
Thomas Jefferson
defeated Nixon in 1960; 1st Catholic pres. Cuban Missile Crisis, pledged to put a man on the moon
John F. Kennedy
Set exp. for others by serving 2 terms; warned not to make permanent alliances with foreign nations
George Washington
not an abolitionist but didn't want slavery to spread
Abe Lincoln
made the decision to drop the A bombs; fired Gen. McArthur during the Korean conflict
Harry Truman
Vietnamization, "peace with honor"; detente; Watergate; represented the "silent majority
Richard Nixon
progressice pres., "Rough Riders"; began the Panama Canal
Teddy Roosevelt
Famous after the Battle of New Orleans, forced Cherokee from their lands and GA & NC, attacked the Nat'l Bank
Andrew Jackson
Made a deal with Southerners in the HOR to end reconstruction put him into office, began a lot of civil service reforms
Rutherford B. Hayes
in a wheelchair, but it didn't cripple hims from guiding the US through the Great Depression w/ his New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt
Devised a foreign policy that warned European powers to stay clear of the W. Hemisphere
James Monroe
"kept us out of war" in the beginning but couldn't avoid involvement after the Zimmerman Note; 14 pts peace plan; League of Nations
Woodrow Wilson
He declared "war on poverty", Great Society; got Congress to pass the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and escalated the war in Vietnam
Lyndon B. Johnson
blamed for the Great Depression b/c he didn't thie the fed govt should directly help citizens; "trickle down thwory"
Herbert Hoover