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skilled workers
called for a shorter workday, higher wages, and better working conditions
trade unions
when workers refused to do their jobs
severe food shortage
people who wanted to preserve the country for native-born, white citizens
a political party of the 1850's that was anti-Catholic and anti-immigrant
Know-Nothing party
a policy or an attitude that denies equal rights to certain groups of people
factories employed mainly...
young children
What kind of machines did factories use?
steampowered machines
workers went on strike to...
1. improve working conditions
2. increase wages
People who went on strike were punished with...
1. fines
2. jail sentences
3. being fired
by the late 1840's many factory workers were immigrants from...
Great Britain
the potato crops in Ireland were destroyed because of...
How did the Potato Famine effect the U.S.?
Over 1.5 million Irish immigrants fled to the U.S.
What two things did the nativists want?
1. laws to limit immigration
2. to keep immigrants from voting until they had lived in the U.S for 21 years
Who did African Americans face competition from?
Immigrants that settled in northern cities
What was the first African American newspaper called?
Freedom's Journal
Approved the 10 hour workday for employees.
President Van Burr
Organized the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association
Sarah Bagley
Invented a corn planter and cottonseed planter
Henry Blair
1st African American licensed to practice law
Macon Allen