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What city is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa and the Middle East?
This makes it possible for Egypt to grow crops year round.
The sub-surface water in the desert creates rare fertile ________.
Which river is the world's longest river and Egypt's main highway?
Nile River
What is the largest desert in the world?
Sahara Desert
Why are camels best suited for living in the desert?
They have three eyelids and nostrils that close during sand storms.
What is Egypt's second largest city and its largest seaport?
What percentage of Egypt's population lives along the Nile River?
What fraction of Egypt's population lives in Cairo?
One quarter or 1/4
What is the name of the lake created by the Aswan High Dam?
Lake Nasser
Which waterway allows ships to cross from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea without having to make the voyage around the southern tip of Africa?
The Suez Canal in Egypt
What is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world and the only one still standing?
The Great Pyramids of Giza
The pyramids were covered with what kind of rock that made them shine?
Why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids?
They thought the pyramids were resurrection machines for the dead to carry the Pharaoh to the afterlife.
How were the heavy stones for the pyramids moved?
They were carried on sleds that rolled along the ground on logs and traveled up the sides of the pyramid on ramps.
How many tombs have been found in the Valley of the Kings?
Where is the Valley of the Kings?
West Bank of the Nile River, 3 miles from the ancient city of Thebes in Egypt.
How long did it take to mummify a Pharaoh's body?
70 days
Which ancient pharaoh was known as the boy king?
King Tutankhamen
What is a sarcophagus?
An ancient coffin that was used for burying Egyptian kings.
What discovery allowed archeologists to learn how to read hieroglyphs?
The Rosetta Stone, found by soldiers of Napoleon's Army in 1779 had the same message in two known languages and the same third message in hieroglyphs.
How are hieroglyphs written?
Either from top to bottom or from right to left.
Who taught the children of important people in ancient Egypt to write in hieroglyphs?
What material did ancient Egyptians use to write on?
Papyrus, a paper made from the papyrus plant that grew along the Nile River.
What does the word hieroglyph mean?
Sacred carved letters.
What is a caravan?
People and supplies crossing the desert.
What do you call a person who travels for pleasure?
a tourist
What is an Egyptian market called?
a bazaar
The yearly flooding of the Nile with its alluvial deposits created __________ __________.
Fertile soil
What is the number one desert caravan rule?
Stay in sight