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what is social competence?
it is not easy to define but it has long interested researchers and social intelligence is considered a basic capacity distinct from other cognitive abilityies.
what is emotional intelligence?
related to concept involving our ability to judge emotional messages, and to regulate our own
what are the three major factors in receiving and encoding NVC?
How do we develop our NVC?
by adapting our respsonses to the coaching, feedback, and response of others
By nine months a mother's facial expressions not only are ____________ but also have a ____________ on the baby's behavior.

Rhesus monkeys raised in isolation for first six months of life later displayed...?
"displayed agresssion even to 1 year old infants as no self respecting rhesus would"

(pg 66)
Rhesus monkeys were reared in isolation were great a reading facial expressions of fear in other monkeys

true or false?

(pg 66)
Can learning different aspects of another culture help your NVC skills?
Yes, mothers who have children have been known to decode facial expressions better. ALso college students who had traveled to other places have been known to decode facial expressions more easily.
what is reinforcement?
the provision of encouragement and reward to others in the course of interaction.

how behavior is emphasized
What is a major aspect in enhancing NVC?
taking on different roles in order to mask perceptions, helps develop NVC skills
What is rapport?
how much positivity, attentiveness, and cordination are experienced by people towards each other when they interact
What are thin slices?
short excepts from the ongoing stream of behavior

used in reasearch, can range in length from a video of people intereacting for serveal minutes to still facial expressions showed for one second
what's the difference between the PONS test and the DANVA?
The DANVA has black and white people
what is the IPT test?
shows series of humans in different situations and used to ask reciever to convey relasionships
Is thin slicing effective?
yes. A lot of the time people are able to get a lot of information about a person with a very small bit of information about subject
What is one of the most well established corrleates of nonverbal sesnitivity?
Is there a big difference between female and male PONS scores?
Not much as all.

Only 2%
Gender difference exists across all ages of participants regardless of whether the encoders are male or female.

true or false?
Are woman better at detecting lying than men?
No men are better at detecting lying
Can infants only a few months old have the ability to discriminate among facial and vocal expressions?
Are older women or younger woman better at decoding NVC?
Younger woman. The peak for decoding information is 20s and 30s.
Is there a large correlation between cognitive ability and nonverbal sensitivity?
No, it is quite small.
Adults who do well on tests of decoding non-verbal cues have been found to exhibit what characteristics?
Better adjusted
less hostile and manipulating

more interpersonally democratically encouraging

more extraverted

less shy

less socially anxious


more empathic

more cognitivally complex and flexible

more populat

more sensitive
How do alcoholics score on the PONs test?
How do sad moods affect people's effectiveness in understanding NVC?
Sad people ten to not be able to decode facial expressions as easily as happy moods can detect
Do physical aspects have an affect on people's understanding of someone?
what is charisma?
the ability to send and decode messages effectively
Preeschool boys are more accurate senders of spontaneous facial cues than girls

true or flase

(pg 83)
Preschool girls showed less disappointment in bad gifts than boys (even though girls were very disappointed).

true or false
People who are accurate face senders are good at decoding signals

true or false?
The communication with the family has a high effect on whether or not someone can decode facial cues.
What type of family does someone grow up in if they are good at decoding facial expressions?
A family that is not expressive
effective observers probably have a variety of educational and personal experiences.

true or false
Being a good encoder means you are a great decoder?
not enough evidence to support such claim yet
if you are proficient at decoding one channel, you will be good at decoding others
if you are proficent at decoding posed expressions, you will be good at decoding spontaneous ones