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What are the clinical indications?
ischemic attacks
myocardial iinfarction prophylaxis
mild to moderate post operative pain
mild to moderate pain associate with myalagia, arthralgias, bone and muscleskeletal
What are the pharmocokinetics of NSAIDS?
rapidly and almost completely absorbed
highly protien bound
readily penetrate joint fluid
eliminated liver
excreted in kidneys
What are the anti-inflammatroy effects of NSAIDS?
inhibits of cycloxygenase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of prostaglandins result in
-decreased swelling
-decrease capillary permeability
- desensitizes peripheral pain receptors
-decrease gradual erosion of bone
compete with PGs at tissue receptor sites
Inhibit release of lysosomal enzymes that destroy tissue
Inhibit neutrophil aggregation to inflamed tissue
What are the analgesic effects of NSAIDS?
inhibit synthesis of PGs thereby decreasing sensitivity of peripheral pain receptors and intensity of response to injury
compete with PGs at tissue receptor site
inhibit pain signal
What are the anti-pyretic effects of NSAIDS?
act within the CNS on the heat regulating centers in the hypothalamus thereby causing vasodilation of peripheral blood vessels and loss of body heat
What are the AE of NSAIDs on the GI tract?
inflammation, bleeding, ulceration or perforation with prolonged therapy
prevention- w/food, switich to COX 2 inhibitor, misoprostol, check stool guaiac
tx ulcers- sulcralfate, histmine, antagonist, PPI
What are the AE of NSAIDs on the Renal system?
decrease renal blood flow
monitor creatinie, BUN, Edema, wt
sulindac is least nephrotoxic
What is the AE of NSAIDs on the hematologic system?
impaired platelet aggregation
aplastic anemia
What is the AE of NSAIDs on the CN system?
cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, mood changes, light headedness, confusion, psychosis
What does Salcylates cause as an AE?
hearing impairment
What is the AE of NSAIDs on the hypersensitivity?
asthmatics- nasal polyps, sever bronchospasm or anaphylaxia
What is Reye's Syndrome?
first described in young children
fatty degeneration of liver and encephalopathy
What are the precautions in pregnancy with NSAIDs?
not recommended
acetaminophen is best agent s/t
ibuphrofen is not detected in breast milk
flurbiprofena nd naproxen are dectecte ess than 1%
weak anti-inflammatory action
oppose peripherally instead of central like NSAIDS
no effects on platelets or GI irritation
acute overdose = hepatotoxicity
What are salicylates?
salicylate saltes
What are pyrazoles?
What are indoleacetic acids?
What are proplonic acids?
What are oxicams?
What are fenamates?
mefenamic acid
meciofenamic acid