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Difference between leukemoid rxn and CML?
leukemoid has increased AP, all cells in myeloid stage, toxic granulation
what do dohle bodies indicate?
neutrophilia (blue inclusions)
what characterizes reactive neutrophilia?
toxic granulation, dohle bodies, vacuolization, left shift
What characterizes idiopathic hypereosinophilic syndrome?
>6months w/no apparent cause
number for neutrophilia dx?
number for lymphocytosis?
5000 (adults) 7000 (kids) 9000 (babies)
number for monocytosis?
number for eosinophilia?
What would cause basophilia?
immediate type hypersensitivity or chronic myeloproliferative disorder and others…
What neutrophil count makes you susceptible to infection?
Which cells are hardest hit in lymphopenia?
CD4 cells
Number for lymphopenia?
1500 (adults) 3000 (kids)
What do roids do to your lymphocytes and neutrophils?
increase your neutrophils and decrease your lymphocytes
Name the dz: toxic granulation in all leukocytes w/mucopolysaccharidosis?
Alder-Reilly anomaly
Name the dz: large needle like dohle bodies and giant platelets?
Name the dz: oculocutaneous albinism, abn platelet aggregation, fused lysosomal granules?
What is neutrophil hyposegmentation characteristic of?
pelger huet (AD) or pseudo (acquired…myelodysplasia)
What is neutrophil hypersegmentation characteristic of?
megaloblastic anemia or hydroxyurea
What is the defect in CGD?
deficiency in NADPH oxidase so no respiratory bursts
What diseases do you get if you have CGD?
catalase positive organisms
Inheritance of CGD?
X linked
Defect in MPO?
inability to make HCl
Name the dz: candidal infections in DM pt?
MPO deficiency
Which drug can cause interfollicular hyperplasia?