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Bearing-Walls Are?
Solid Walls that support themselves
Skeleton Frame is?
An Open Frame wall to which a covering is attached to
Post-and-lintel is?
The first solution to the problem of making an opening in a supporting wall without sacrifing the support
Many Arches in a circle form a what?
The Keystone is?
The supporting stone in the arch
What is the term of a double-pitched roof?
Gambrel Roof
Name four Architectural Styles that developed in colonial America?
1. New England
2. Mid-Atlantic
3. Dutch-Colonial
4. Southern-Colonial
The development of what material made it possible to construct high-rise Buildings?
A Buttress is..?
Is the name for a protruding structure used to add support to a wall or arch
Name Four European Styles that have had the most influence on American architecture?
1. English
2. french
3. Spanish
4. Italian
What is Another name for Mid-Atlantic style Architecture?
Classic Revievel
Form Follows?
The term used to describe the center of attention in design is called?
Focal Point
Name three primary colors
Red, Blue, Yellow
If you combine two primary, you get a ?
What term is used to describe lightness and darkness of a color?
What is the term for colors opposite one another on a color wheel?
Combining a primary color with a secondary color gives you?
a tertiary color
Another term for shape
Another term for roughness?
What creates a sense of wholeness?
What creates a sense of flowing movement
Curved Line
What creates a sense of height?
A line
Name three scales used to prepare architectural drawings?
1. Architects Scale
2. Cilvial enginers Scale
3. Metric Scale
Which type of scale has all increments shown along its length?
fully divided scale
To What scale are residential floor plans and elevations often drawn to?
1/4 Inch = 1 Foot
What basic units are used in architecture?
Meters and millimeters
What type of triangle can be used to create the most angles?
30 60 90 Traingle
On what paper are most archetitural drawings prepared on>
Vaemul, Tracing Paper
Which instrument can serve as an architects scale, protractor, T-square, or parallel slide?
Drafting machine
Which instrument is used to draw small circles?
Bow Compass
Which instrument is used to divide an area into equal parts?
Are Dimensions included in a rendering?
Which type of lines permits dimensioning at a distance from a structure?
What is used to reference a door or window on a plan to a door or window schedule?
Which type of drawing gives a birds eye view?
Drawing used during the building process are called?
working drawings
under the coding system, which letter is used to identify a set of interior design drawings
What very heavy lines are used to show where an area is to be sectioned?
Cutting Plane
What lines are used to connect a note or dimension to a drawing?
leader Lines
What coding system is used to organize and mark arcitecture drawings consistently?
Another name for a pictorial Drawing?
Which type of drawing is done to reveal precise information about construction methods or materials
What Line is:

________ _ _ ___________ _ _ ___
Phantom Line
What Line is:

Short Break Line
What Line is:

Long Break Line
What Line is:
__ _ _ _______ _ _ ___
v v
Cutting Plane Line
What Line is:

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Center Line
What Line is:
Hidden/Visible Line
What Line is:

Dimension Line
What is the name of the tablet that accepts commands and translates them to create graphic entities in a drawing file?
Digitizing Tablet
What term is used to describe the crosshair input device used to pick points on a tablet?
Which type of solar design system used mechanical or electrical devices to control the energy?
What is the term for positioning structures in a relation to the environmental conditions?
ASCII Stands for?
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
International Standards Organization