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The acronym NCLB stands for...
No Corporation Left Behind
Who benefits from NCLB?
Testing Companies and corporate school initiatives
Who spearheaded NCLB?
George W. Bush
What year do public school students have to reach 100% proficiency?
Safe Harbor
No punishments will be levied on a district when a school's student population has shown an acceptable increase in student performance on a standardized test, and reached "safe harbor."
Standardized Test
Tests which are purported to show no variability as instruments of academic measurement.
Scoring Error
Widespread phenomenon whereby scores are skewed to the detriment of school districts due to damaged answersheets, faulty questions, and general corruption of testing environmnents.
What happens when testing and test preparations are finished.
General benchmarks for a given course of study--not to be confused with curriculum or course content.
Test Preparation
An invention of testing corporations whereby more test preparation books can be sold to panic driven administrators who will often limit elective course selections to make way for punitive test preparation classes.
High impact schools
A label which is given to schools that show a dramatic and sustained increase in standardized test scores--ften the result of violent cramming of facts and formulas, non-union teaching staffs, and well funded corporate charter "incubator" projects.
High Stakes Testing
The total of a student's 12 years of learning can be successfully assessed with one performance as measured by one score on one test.
Professional Obligation
The excuse given by government operatives who manage and deliver "services" meant to strip citizens of their rights, livelihood, and self determination. Often restated as, "Just doing my job" or "It seemed righ at the time."
Professional Conscience
Whereby a professional reflects on their obligation and if necessary resists direct orders in order to follow the credo: "First do no harm."
Testing Bubble
A feature of scanned multiple test answer forms. Also known as an environment that is sealed off from outside influence. Many professional educators operate in an ethical "bubble" where their perspective is limited to their immediate physical and cultural surroundings. Also refers to a market event whereby the value of a certain commodity is suddenly deflated after a long period of sustained and exponential growth.